Malyar: Arms supply agreements were signed

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar explained that agreements on the supply of weapons had been concluded, but some time is required for their delivery.

Malyar announced this on the air of the informational telethon.

“You have to understand that supplying weapons is a really long process. Before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, Western arms manufacturers already had certain contracts and obligations. That is, when we say that we need it suddenly and we are concluding agreements, right tomorrow, manufacturers must in a certain way adjust those relationships – business and partnerships that were already there at this time,” Malyar said.

The Deputy Minister of Defense explained how the transit of weapons to the country takes place.

“If we are talking about the transit of weapons through the territory of other countries, then this is much more difficult than carrying something to an individual in a suitcase. For the transit of weapons, permission is required at the highest level, for example, either the cabinet of ministers or the parliament of another country must do this. These agreements are taking place at the highest level between presidents and defense ministers,” Malyar explained.

The Deputy Minister of Defense informed that agreements on the supply of weapons had been concluded.

“We must be patient and understand that almost all deals have been concluded. We understand how often and when weapons will be supplied. But in order for us to have a parity level in battles, we need some time,” Malyar said.

In some media, citing the German edition of Welt, information appeared that Germany almost did not supply weapons to Ukraine in nine weeks, despite promises.

On May 28, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the daily work to strengthen Ukrainian defense. He noted that this is primarily the supply of weapons. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are daily approaching the moment when the occupiers will prevail technologically and in strike force.