Mark Feigin: I don’t believe in “Noah’s Ark” for Putin

Information began to appear in the media that a certain evacuation plan was being prepared for the Russian dictator. For this, the countries of Latin America are considered. Initially, they said that the place of relocation could be China, now Venezuela is mentioned. Mark Feygin, in an interview with Channel 24, shared his thoughts on the operation, “Noah’s Ark” for Putin.

“I do not understand why this information made such an impression on the audience. I admit that some of Putin’s entourage may seek some kind of shelter somewhere for themselves. I don’t rule it out. But how can you imagine Putin, who completed his plastic surgery and lives happily in Venezuela on a hacienda? How to imagine it?

Here strategic bombers are being destroyed by drones, but can you imagine what will happen to this hacienda 24 hours a day? There will be no end to drones. It is impossible in the modern world to hide. For Putin, this is impossible. For someone from his entourage, perhaps, but for Putin this path is closed.

The world is very small. After the Second World War, this was possible. Several submarines sailed to Argentina. Someone even lived to a ripe old age, and someone, like Eichmann, was hanged. But this is not the case with Putin. It is impossible to pretend to be someone else. You can’t just hide from your power and sins.

And let’s look from the other side. And what, Venezuela is not a trading platform, like China? Will they sell Putin for some kind of dividend? Yes, they will sell it 10 times. You never know what happened before, when he was president. That would be the president – another story. And so, who are you now? A Pensioner? A fatal unreliable person regarding the security of the country itself. They will sell. This is my profound conviction. Therefore, I do not believe in the operation “Noah’s Ark” for Putin and his inner circle.”

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