Mozzarella Fresca. Home-made food delivery

Address: Odessa, Arcadia, st. Henuezska, 5

Where to order delicious food in Odessa?

Mozzarella Fresca is a gastronomy and food shop in the Arcadia area, founded in 2011 by the wonderful family of Victor and Inessa Reznik.

They work with unique craft Ukrainian food manufactures, as well as international producers, which could be found in Mozzarella Fresca Shop.

According to the owners, the selection of suppliers takes place at international exhibitions under the auspices of slowfood.

To delight their numerous customers,  Mozzarella Fresca launched their own production. Marinate delicious meat and fish, bake bread, a variety of cookies, make ravioli and dumplings, pancakes and traditional Italian lasagna.

All week long they prepare and deliver delicious home-made food.
More on the menu:
• Olivier with mortadella
• Heart salad with pickled cucumbers
• Norwegian herring under a “fur coat”
• Liver pate
• Profiteroles with salmon
• Rabbit in white cream sauce
• Turkey, rabbit or fish cutlets
• Cabbage rolls
• Stuffed bell peppers

Be safe! Stay at home! And try fantastic cuisine by Mozzarella Fresca

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