New Paskal Demi Couture Collection

The Odessa fashion designer Julia Pascal presented the new Demi Couture collection. When creating the capsule, the designer was inspired by the highlights of her youth.

Paskal is renowned for delicate silhouettes and minimalistic shapes, reminiscent of innovative architecture and nature. Beauty is derived from the garments core components and construction, laser cutting is at the core of the brand’s DNA.

Each image is like the 25th frame of motifs of teenage times, which was full of grunge, art house, skate parks, dad’s library, lectures on art and architecture, and new rave parties. The designer organically intertwined all these memories in the collection and reflected them through the prism of colors, volumes, and details.

The collection includes dresses made of tulle, tops, and skirts in bright and pastel shades. About 100 meters of tulle frills were used to sew the most complex dress.

The designer’s muse has grown long ago but has retained the character and appearance of a teenager, thirsty for life and adventure.

A special place in the collection is tulle tops on one shoulder, which are harmoniously combined with most of the wardrobe and will be especially relevant for any evening event.

The collection is available on the PASCAL website.

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