Odessa 1968 by Mark Gingold

The streets of Odessa through the eyes of American photographer Mark Gingold shot in 1968.

The side view is always interesting. In our review of another series of Soviet photographs by Mark Gingold. This interesting series of photos was found at Humus journal.

The Walk of Glory was laid out here just four years ago
Walk of Glory overlooking the monument of the Unknown Sailor
The Potemkin Stairs
10th April Square
Marine Terminal, view from the Potemkin Stairs
In the USSR, it was customary to weigh yourself on the street
Langeron beach
Langeron beach
Langeron beach
Duke and tourists
Cafe in Otrada
Quarantine pier, view from the monument to the Unknown Sailor
Honour Guard near the monument to the Unknown Sailor
Monument to Pushkin

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