Odessa famous charity entrepreneur Ekaterina Nozhevnikova was awarded Honorary Citizen of the Odessa region

The majority of members of the Odessa Regional Council supported the decision to confer the title of “Honorary Citizen of the Odessa Region” upon the charity entrepreneur Ekaterina Nozhevnikova, chairman of the charitable foundation “Corporation of Monsters“.

70 regional council members (their total is 83) voted in favour of the petition during the plenary meeting of the session on August 19.

The mentor of the draft was Mikhail Shmushkovich, who put it on the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

Ekaterina Nozhevnikova heads one of the most famous charitable foundations in Ukraine. “Monsters, Inc.” attracts money from patrons and for these funds pays for expensive operations and treatment for children, purchases equipment for hospitals and carries out repairs in departments.

A separate programme of the Foundation deals with lonely old people: they organise warm meals and also try to find some occupation opportunities for them.

It was Ekaterina Nozhevnikova who was one of the first to talk about the need to purchase oxygen concentrators for patients with coronavirus. The foundation launched several fundraising rounds and purchased the hubs. Some were transferred to medical institutions, and most of them were delivered free of charge and are being used for help patients, who are treated at home, but need oxygen therapy.

The Monsters volunteers donated also special protective equipment to Odessa doctors, during the Covid-19 emergency, when they were completely without protection.

Thanks to the donation on the account of “Monsters Corporation” many human lives were saved. Anybody can help saving other lives and assist the elderly by transferring any amount to the Foundation’s “Main account”:

  • Privat Bank Card: 5169 3305 1608 8389

For transfers from other banks, you must enter the account details:

  • PJSC KB “Privatbank”
  • code 41569293
  • IBAN UA103287040000026008054332371
  • MFO 328704