Odessa farmers harvested an unexpected second million tons of grain

Summer without drought: a second million tons of early grain and leguminous crops were collected by the farmers of the Odessa region.

This is much more than in the last dry year, according to the regional department of agrarian policy, food and land relations.

As of August 2, 533,573 hectares were threshed in the region (72.4% of the forecast for the entire harvest) – this is 2.153 million tons of new crop grain.

The highest yield for winter wheat was recorded in the Podolsk region – 44 c /ha, for winter, spring barley and peas – in the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky region: 50 c / ha, 36.4 c /ha and 29.1 c /ha, respectively, noted Director of the Department Alla Stoyanova.

The leaders in the industry in terms of the winter wheat shaft were the farmers of the Berezovsky region, who threshed 79.5 thousand hectares (298125 tons), the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky region – 51.7 thousand hectares (225.5 thousand tons) and the Podolsk region – 44.2 thousand hectares (194.7 thousand tons).

The average yield in the region was 40.4 centners per hectare, including winter wheat – 41.4 centners /ha, winter barley – 41.4 centners /ha, spring barley – 32.6 centners /ha, peas – 19 centners /ha.

In 2016, Odessa region harvested a record harvest of cereals and legumes: 3.8 million tons. Experts do not exclude that this year, if the weather permits, this figure will be repeated. The harvesting campaign continues.