Odessa Opera orchestra on tour in France

On the 19th of September, the orchestra of the Odessa National Opera and Ballet theatre set off on tour in France, where tonight, September 21st, the first show took place.

In the concert show “The World of Hans Zimmer – A Symphonic Celebration”, curated by the world known composer Hans Zimmer himself, the musical hits (newly arranged especially for the show) from such movies as “The Dark Knight”, “Hannibal”, “The Lion King”, “Gladiator”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and others will be performed live.

The groundbreaking tour, which stars longtime friends and colleagues of Hans Zimmer – the rock star of film score composers – is set to remain in high demand. Hans Zimmer is curator and musical director of the show, and although he isn’t performing himself, he has invited several renowned soloists from his talent factory and circle of friends to take part in the tour.

Photo: Odessa Opera website
Photo: The World of Hans Zimmer website

The tour is done in collaboration with Semmel Concerts/BNK Music Production GmbH and includes 8 concerts:

  • 21.09.21 Lyon – La Halle Tony Garnier
  • 22.09.21 Toulouse – Le Zénith
  • 23.09.21 Nantes – Zénith Metropole
  • 24.09.21 Bordeaux – Arkea Arena
  • 26.09.21 Lille – Zénith
  • 27.09.21 Strasbourg – Le Zénith
  • 28.09.21 Dijon – Zénith
  • 29.09.21 Clermont-Ferrand – Le Zénith

All concert venues are ready to accommodate an audience of at least 5000 people, and these are one of the first concerts since long time, where such high capacity is allowed.

Under the direction of Gavin Greenaway – the soundtrack conductor Hans Zimmer says he trusts more than he trusts himself – a symphony orchestra delivers an intense and unforgettable concert experience.

Photo: Odessa Opera website
Photo: The World of Hans Zimmer website

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