“Okhmatdyt” showed touching pictures of Jessica Chastain with children (photo)

Photo: “Okhmatdyt”

American actress and producer Jessica Chastain came to Kyiv.

During her visit to Ukraine, Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain met with children being treated in the capital’s “Okhmatdyt” hospital.

In general, the celebrity got to know the little Ukrainians currently in the hospital. There were children from temporarily occupied Kherson, Kharkiv, and Odessa.

In “Okhmatdyt”, Jessica Chastain supported a 6-year-old girl who lost her leg due to an enemy shell that hit the room where the family was hiding. Chastain also visited three immigrant families whose children are being treated at the facility. The actress did not come empty-handed but with gifts. The children, in their turn, thanked the guest, drew her pictures and shared goodies.

“We are always happy to see guests in our hospital. It is a pity that the reason for the visit is now the war. However, we want the whole world to know what is happening in Ukraine now: people are dying every day, and children are suffering. We need the help of the whole world to overcome the enemy,” reads the message of “Okhmatdyt”.

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