Oleg Zhdanov: The threat of attack from Belarus

The expert did not rule out that the Russian Federation is about to start transferring mobilized Russians to Belarus.

Russia may transfer the mobilized to Belarus and try to form an offensive grouping to re-enter Ukraine.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov expressed this opinion.

“It is quite possible that the Russian Federation, hoping to call up 500,000 mobilized by the end of the year, wants to deploy a group of troops in Belarus. The only question is what they will equip it with because in Belarus, it is unlikely that even long-term storage equipment will be enough for such a group. Under no circumstances will Lukashenko be given away from military units; this is his safety,” he said.

So, I do not rule out that Russia may start transferring those mobilized to Belarus and try to form an offensive group there to re-enter Ukraine. Let’s see how successful this will be and how successful it will be for the Russian Federation. But for now, the situation is such that the Belarusian railway workers are preparing the infrastructure to receive a large number of cargo trains,” the expert added.

Today it became known that Belarus announced a sudden inspection of military unit No. 06752, which is located in Machulishchi near Minsk.

On the territory of this part, there is an aviation base of class “B” – one of the largest military airfields in the country with combat helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-24. It can receive military and civil aircraft.

The day before, information appeared on the network that the railway infrastructure was being checked in Belarus. According to experts, this may mean it is being prepared to receive military training from the Russian Federation.

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