“Open border”: the reconstruction of the checkpoint “Korczowa-Krakovets” has been completed

Today, with the team of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and representatives of the Polish Government, the full-fledged operation of the updated checkpoint “Korczowa-Krakovets” on the border of Ukraine and Poland was launched.

In addition, a bus service will be launched at midnight today through the brand new bus terminal.

“While the usual trade routes are blocked due to the occupation in the east and south of Ukraine, we are developing others in the west. The higher the capacity of the Ukrainian-Polish border, the faster agricultural products and fuel and lubricants go.

Unfortunately, there are still problems with queues. We understand that problems that have been accumulating for decades cannot be solved in a few months.

We continue to work together with our Polish colleagues – the Minister of Infrastructure of Poland, Andrzej Adamczyk, and the Head of the Office of the Prime Minister Michal Dvorchyk, and we also thank you for your support in the implementation of the “Open Border” project,” – commented the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov.

What was done as part of the update?

  • updated traffic lanes for cars and trucks;
  • pavilions for customs and passport control were modernized;
  • the access road (A-4) near the checkpoint was widened;
  • a new bus terminal capable of handling 30 or more buses has been built.

The renovation works were carried out within the framework of the “Open Border” project initiated by the presidents of Ukraine and Poland and agreed upon by the governments of the two states.

It will be recalled that on June 20, as part of the “Open Border” project, traffic was opened through the updated checkpoint “Korczowa-Krakovets”. As part of the first stage of modernization at the checkpoint, the number of truck lanes was increased from 4 to 10, and additional pavilions for customs and passport control were created.

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