Petro Chernyk: Russia is in a strategic trap and is trying to “cement” the front

The Russian occupation troops are in a strategic trap and do not know how to get out of it.

Military expert Petro Chernyk explained on the air of the Espresso TV channel that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to somehow “cement” the line of demarcation. For this, he will not spare any of his manpower.

“The Russians are very fond of symbolism. Classical infantry waves are taking place in the East, there are colossal indicators for the destruction of enemy personnel. In January, the Russians lost 21 thousand in manpower – more than in the entire war in Afghanistan. They can throw part of the personnel for slaughter composition along the northern line,” Chernyk added.

According to him, Putin is confident that he can achieve some kind of negotiation process with Ukraine on the battlefield. At the same time, the expert is sure that they will not be in trouble if the Russians decide to attack.

“Starting from Ugledar, and especially in Seversk, the Bakhmut Arch, enemy assault actions take place. Assault actions are a kind of offensive. That is, on the eastern bridgehead, the enemy is exercising operational pressure on our positions. If we talk about a possible offensive towards the capital, the Russians have huge problems in terms of funds. The Ukrainian Mannerheim Line has been built in the north,” Chernyk said.

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