Playboy closes office in Ukraine, but will not leave Russia

Playboy Ukraine fulfilled all financial obligations, but they decided to close it. This may be related to the special issue about the war in Ukraine.

Without explanation, the main office of the legendary Playboy in the United States decided to close the Ukrainian edition of the publication from January 1, 2023.

This was announced by the co-owner of Playboy Ukraine, Alexander Shevchenko. At the same time, Playboy will not leave Russia, despite the sanctions against this aggressor country.

“From January 1, 2023, Playboy Ukraine will cease to exist. The decision of the central office. No one explained the reason. Talking badly about partners is not in my rules. Playboy has not left the Russian Federation. They left Ukraine,” Shevchenko wrote.

According to him, the Ukrainian edition of Playboy has fulfilled all its financial obligations.

“There is an irresistible desire to buy the Playboy company and fire the entire board. $20 million is missing. Is someone interested?” Shevchenko added.

He also noted that Playboy Ukraine, after a full-scale invasion, brought humanitarian aid to our country but did it without the participation of other offices, including the American one.

“The world-famous Playboy in Ukraine sent 2-3 trucks of aid a week from the UK, Spain, Portugal, containers from the USA. In total, there are thousands of tons of humanitarian aid. If someone told me that Playboy would to bring diapers, baby food, feminine hygiene products to Ukraine – I would not believe it!”, – Mikhail Radutsky, head of the parliamentary committee on national health, medical care, and medical insurance, said in a recent interview with TSN.

Recall that the Ukrainian Playboy released a special issue dedicated to the war in Ukraine after the full-scale invasion.

With this issue, the central office’s decision to close the Ukrainian version of the magazine may be connected, Alexander Shevchenko said in a commentary to the Strana media.

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