ProEnglish Theatre Summer School

ProEnglish Theatre has started to accept the applications for Theatre Summer School, which will take place in August in Odessa. The leading coach of the school is Alex Borovensky, founder of ProEnglish Theatre, organised by the National Union of Theatre Workers of Ukraine

ProEnglish Theatre, the first wholly English-speaking theatre and theatre hub in Kyiv, sees its mission in making up-to-date and quality theatre events for multi-cultural Ukrainian society; developing a friendly, creative and quality English-speaking space for theatre and film actors in Ukraine; in promoting Ukrainian actors and culture initiatives abroad and bringing colleagues from abroad to Ukraine in order to enhance international exchange and communication in the field of performing and allied arts.

Alex Borovensky is an English teacher. He has developed the English for Actors training system for English-speaking actors and is the head of the ProEnglish Drama School. As a director, he staged 6 performances in English at the ProEnglish Theatre, including “AMORphine”, which was included in the longlist of the III All-Ukrainian Theatre Festival-Prize “GRA”.

Now Alex conducts theater workshops, teaches English for Ukrainian actors, consults foreign film actors on the set on joint projects and is preparing a new production at the ProEnglish Theatre.

Applications are accepted until July 22nd. Training is free, both meals (lunch) and accommodation for selected participants.

The selected 12 actors and 4 directors will be immersed in the English-speaking environment, communication with foreign partners, support for small talk, work on improving pronunciation, creating an English-language video presentation, working with the text of the play in English, conducting an English-speaking rehearsal, working with an English-speaking director and actors, as well as stage production in English.

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