Prosecutors have already established 154 facts of sexual violence by Russian military personnel

New facts of sexual violence related to the conflict are established in the de-occupied territories.

Joint mobile groups of prosecutors, international experts, and psychologists work there.

According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, law enforcement officers have already reported suspicions to 6 servicemen of the Russian Federation. In addition, the prosecutors sent indictments against 2 people to the court, and one person has already been convicted.

The department notes that new facts of sexual violence are being established in the de-occupied territories, where joint mobile groups of prosecutors, international experts, and psychologists work.

In the Kherson region, Russian servicemen raped a woman for 4 months. Another local woman has been systematically exposed and tortured since March 2022. In particular, they were poured with boiling water.

Cases of gender-based violence were recorded, when the wives of Ukrainian defenders who participated in the anti-terrorist operation or were related to the Armed Forces were taken from their families and tortured.

Prosecutors discovered more than 30 cases of genital electric torture, which were applied to the local civilian population. In total, more than 100 facts of torture using electric current against local men have been established.

Recently, in Kherson, the body of a man with his hands tied and with a gunshot wound to his head was found. Law enforcers continue to record the stories of Kherson residents about their detention and torture during the occupation.

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