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Main Business — 14 Ukrainian projects are included in the 100 most promising startups in Eastern and Central Europe


14 Ukrainian projects are included in the 100 most promising startups in Eastern and Central Europe

27 Oct, 2021
14 Ukrainian projects are included in the 100 most promising startups in Eastern and Central Europe

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EMERGE 100 Report is dedicated to the most promising startups of the New East region. The New East consists of CEE, CIS — in general, 20+ countries. The list includes 14 projects from Ukraine.

They used scouting and recommendations from EMERGE partners - key New East startup ecosystem players to select startups. Companies were selected according to the following criteria:

  • Early Stage (age no longer than 3 years)
  • investments no more than $3 million
  • MVP
  • traction
  • team’s challenges
  • success during 2020
  • the positive impact on society

The EMERGE 100 Report includes 14 projects from Ukraine:


Deals with solutions for people with bipolar disorder. The app uses machine learning to predict disease dynamics, warn of potential manic or depressive episodes, and measure drug efficacy.


Develops an AI retinal screening system that allows early detection of early signs of serious diseases (especially diabetes and cardiovascular diseases).


This sustainability startup is dedicated to the production of disposable, eco-friendly products for daily use. The first was a fully recyclable paper toothbrush. We wrote about the startup here.

Comeback mobility

The startup develops smart attachments for crutches. While walking, they transmit information about the load to the application. Thanks to this, the doctor can control the patient's workload and adjust his rehabilitation program.

Esper Bionics

Develops IoT devices in the field of prosthetics. The main product of Esper Bionics is a robotic arm. It can help a person to pre-select a grip for a specific situation.

AMW Labs

The startup offers a range of services to influence weather conditions actively. Has a full cycle of missile development - from engines and onboard electronics to ground equipment. The company's product is useful for farmers, agricultural holdings, event organizers, and government agencies.


The application collects all the necessary information so that the electric car driver can charge his car as conveniently as possible. In the application, you can leave reviews and comments and receive notifications about changes at electric stations.


The startup is engaged in the production of training kits with the functions of real satellites. The model can be assembled right at home. The set includes a camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic compass, and temperature, pressure, humidity sensors. The startup shows that space technologies are now available to everyone interested.


The startup is conducting biological experiments for other companies on its nanosatellites. It provides a cultivation chamber for an artificial ecosystem (3-4 plant species). The sensor system provides data on the state of the environment and plants.


The startup offers companies VR solutions that make employee training more efficient, faster, and as close to real-life as possible. Also, VR training helps to analyze in detail the progress of each student.

Caer Sidi

The startup is adding digital features to physical products of brands, such as integrating NFC tags. In this way, he enhances the emotional experience of buying and owning the company's products.


The AI ​​platform evaluates the effectiveness of video content by analyzing the viewer's reaction. Thanks to her, companies understand the level of emotional involvement and attention of the target audience. The platform is used by online cinemas, TV channels, marketing agencies, and others.


The startup is developing an AI tool for the deep analysis of human biomedical data in real-time. For example, the coach can quickly obtain information about the physical condition of the athlete.


The company is developing an automated restocking platform for cosmetics suppliers. With automatic order management, total supplier costs are reduced by 30–35%.

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The Odessa Journal

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