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Tell Shaw-Sin about your desires

02 Jul, 2020
Tell Shaw-Sin about your desires

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Hurry up to make a wishes: a magical sculpture appeared in Odessa

The question of happy signs now seems to be solved radically: in Odessa they opened a new art object, which was created in order to make your dreams come true.

On Polskaya street, close to the entrance of the Museum of Personal Collections - Alexander Bleshchunov House - now established a figure of the eastern diety of happiness and longevity Show-Sin.

The Old Man of the South Pole is the Taoist deification of Canopus is the symbol of happiness and longevity in Far Eastern culture. The Old Man of the South Pole is often depicted in the Chinese pictures as an old man with a long white beard, with a deer by his side.

This is an enlarged copy of the sculpture Show-Sin (Japanese. "Dzurodzin", the second half of the XIX century, Japan, faience), which is kept in the Museum. Bleshchunova. The sculpture of Shaw-Sin is one of the most famous and revered exhibits of the Museum. Alexander Bleshchunov himself, when he allowed his guests to "speak to the Diety," demanded that they show special respect for him, calling him "Mr. Shaw-Sin."

The author of the enlarged (60 cm) copy is Odessa sculptor Arkadiy Marshak. Note that the magical sculpture has information made in Braille. It was realized thanks to the 3D model made by 3Dengineering specialists as part of the Rare Objects Gallery named after A.V. Bleshchunov and with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

3D technology (photogrammetry), according to which the model of the Show-Sin was made, makes it possible to realize the sculpture only by 70-80%.

Arkadiy Marshak
The opening of the Shaw-Sin sculpture. Photo: Odessa Online

By the way, sculptures often combine several technologies - 7, or even more. Of course, the last 10 years, digital technologies have facilitated and accelerated the production of objects, but the remaining 20-30% of the work directly depends on the skill of the sculptor and requires tremendous returns. Just look carefully at the scroll in the hands of Show-Sin, its auricles and other small, but very important details - this is just the result of working on classical technologies. The sculpture is made of polymer with a bronze coating.

Shaw-Sin is known for fulfilling any desire if during the request he observes a certain ritual: you need to approach the magic sculpture, whisper in his ear to tell Mr. Shaw-Sin about your desire, and then gently and easily touch the head of the deity. Well, then it is advisable to go to the Museum and get acquainted with the original.

Interview with Alexander Bleschunov

Alexander Bleschunov occupied two small rooms with his mother and old nurse in the same building on Polskaya street 30 year ago. These rooms were filled with «countless treasures» - Persian carpets, the eggshell Meissen porcelain, Kasli iron castings, icons with gold fonds, enigmatic Orient scrolls and… - it is impossible to list everything! He decided to create a special Museum and donate it to his loved city as long ago as during his life. 

While being alone with history and beauty in relatively small Museum (10 halls-rooms and new communicative-exhibition space «Apartment № 6»), a visitor can plunge into the richness and diversity of cultural traditions of all times and peoples, feel their communalities and differences. 

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