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Main Business — A team of digital B2B experts from Odessa to support Ukraine Global Export


A team of digital B2B experts from Odessa to support Ukraine Global Export

10 Mar, 2021
A team of digital B2B experts from Odessa to support Ukraine Global Export

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Ukraine Global Export (UGE) is a firm located in Odessa, fostering competitive advantages for Ukrainian companies to export in foreign markets.

The clients of UGE are companies that already sell or plan to sell abroad and deal with of a wide range of goods and services (agricultural and food products, light industry, hard equipment, etc.).

The story of UGE

The team of Ukraine Global Export was created in 2018, to work in the Export Support Centre of Odessa Regional State Administration. The team consisted of specialists in marketing, international trading and foreign sales. For 2 years, the Centre has supported exporters from Odessa region. This experience made the team understand that one of the main problems of Ukrainian exporters is to find a reliable foreign purchaser.

To meet this goal the Export Support Centre organised many initiatives: an international trade&export forum, B2B-meetings, online webinars and prepared companies for their participation in international trade fairs. At the same time, they searched for effective digital B2B marketing tools online in order to automate international buyers search and make the export process easier.

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The Global pandemic showed that they moved in right way, due to the increase of international digital processes. Since the beginning of 2020, the team was dedicated to learn how to implement B2B online marketing, online and web-analytics, B2B marketplaces and remote sells to make export sales of the clients more effective.

Unfortunately, the development of digital marketing for Ukrainian exporters within the framework of the Export Support Centre was limited. The structure could not work with companies outside Odessa region, located in other regions of Ukraine. The budget was limited and the activity was strictly regulated.

Therefore, in summer 2020, the team made a decision to abandon the Odessa Regional State Administration and found Ukraine Global Export (UGE). The new firm made an agreement with the French marketing company Visable (owner of the biggest B2B marketplaces in Europe: Europages and WLW) and became its official partner for Ukraine. Today, UGE provides services for export oriented companies all over the country:

  • Comprehensive export project management
  • Export analytics
  • Education
  • Online marketing for exporters

Ð’2B international market. New sales rules in 2021

Last year's events brought many dramatic changes in B2B communications and export sales. The old ways of sales that used to work are not effective anymore.

How to invest in marketing correctly, today?

How to build B2B international sales in 2021?

B2B suppliers used to invest in international trade events in order to find foreign potential buyers. They called their clients a lot to establish a relationship of trust. However, in 2020,

  • About 3.000 of trade fairs were cancelled worldwide.
  • 39% of SMEs are planning to decrease participation in traditional trade fairs and invest more in digital sales tools.
  • 70% of buyer's decisions are made before buyers even pick up a phone to speak to a supplier,
  • 69% of B2B purchasers prefer remote human and online digital self-serve interactions instead of in-person interaction.

Therefore, it is time to learn new sales strategies to be successful on the competitive global market. UGE works with Ukrainian exporters and teach them how to sell online and increase their visibility on targeted markets.

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For more information about Ukraine Global Export:

(Part 2 will follow)

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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