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Main War — "Azov" Fighters told how the Russians burned the civilian population of Mariupol


"Azov" Fighters told how the Russians burned the civilian population of Mariupol

22 Aug, 2022
"Azov" Fighters told how the Russians burned the civilian population of Mariupol

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They assumes that those civilians who allegedly went missing in Mariupol are in fact, no longer among the living.

Photo: Press conference of "Azovstal" defenders.

After returning from captivity, the suffering of these boys ended. But their comrades are still in a place where they experience again and again every day: interrogations, beatings, torture, hunger, and insidious terrorist attacks with public executions. All these are terrible realities in which the defenders of Mariupol do not live, but exist, since they fell into the hands of Russians.

Vladislav Zhavoronok (call sign Wikipedia) released from captivity, a fighter of a separate special forces unit "Azov", said that the Russian invaders in Mariupol "burned the civilian population in whole quarters."

He said this during a press conference of the defenders of Azovstal, who returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine as a result of an exchange of prisoners of war.

Answering a question about what they saw in Mariupol, Zhavoronok noted: “I saw how the enemy burned the civilian population, people. Not families, not apartments, not even houses, but quarters. Before my eyes, these were shelling, as a result of which houses burned entire neighborhoods."

Vladislav Zhavoronok (call sign Wikipedia)

He noticed that the houses were burned along with the civilian population.

"There are tens of thousands of dead in Mariupol. Imagine the number of this civilian population," the fighter emphasized.

Thus, Zhavoronok added, all Mariupol residents "have a certain number of their neighbors, friends from other regions, who either died 100%, and they know it, or they went missing."

"And if you look at the photo, what happened to the city, and as I said, people burned down with their apartments, houses, neighbors, all these people actually disappeared without a trace. Besides, remember that the Russian Federation brought these mobile crematoria to Mariupol. Therefore, you understand, those who went missing in Mariupol, they died. This is a fact," the fighter said.

He noted that it is impossible to verify any specific person, but "in general, all those who are missing are the dead civilians."

In turn, a fighter of the Special Forces "Azov" Denis Chepurko (call sign "Mango") said that he saw how the tanks of the invaders shot houses where there were civilians.

Denis Chepurko (call sign "Mango")

"I witnessed how the family ran across, and the Russian military fired a burst from a machine gun, and the child was shot in the leg," he said.

Also, fighter Dmitry Usichenko (call sign "Cherry") noted that in Mariupol, "there were thousands, hundreds were lying dead on the streets."

Dmitry Usichenko (call sign "Cherry")

On June 4, Andryushchenko said that the invaders indiscriminately demolished destroyed houses in the temporarily occupied Mariupol. As the mayor's adviser noted, data on new bodies of the dead cannot be obtained because everything is taken to the landfill after the demolition.

Local authorities estimate the death toll in Mariupol at at least 22 thousand people.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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