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Main Diplomacy — Airport Rules in Odessa for Covid-19


Airport Rules in Odessa for Covid-19

11 Nov, 2020
Airport Rules in Odessa for Covid-19

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Unfortunately, Covid-19 has not spared Ukraine. The Ukrainian government of the country is constantly monitoring the situation with the number of cases in other countries. Based on official data, the Ministry of Health has divided all regions into two zones: red and green. This division also determines the requirements for passengers crossing the border of Ukraine.

Airport situation in Odessa due to Covid-19

Despite the pandemic, Odessa airport continues to receive passengers from around the world. Of course, their number has decreased significantly compared to the pre-quarantine period, but you can still get to the city by plane from any other country. The passengers are required to comply with certain rules. When preparing to cross the border of the country, make sure to which zone the country from which you are flying belongs to; it depends on the number of cases per 100 thousand population. Then, proceed depending on the zone.

Green zone 

If the country from which you flew is classified in the green zone for the incidence of covid-19, then you can safely cross the border and go further at your discretion. But be careful: the list of green zone countries changes regularly, the most up-to-date information is recorded. Keep in mind the information on the date of crossing the border. Carefully monitor the status of coronavirus in the host country, especially if the incidence is close to the red zone. This system is designed to take into account the interests of tourists and at the same time help to limit the disease.

Red zone

If you are flying to Ukraine from a country referred to the red zone or in transit through a country from the red zone, you will have to install a special program "Action at home" (“Diy vdoma”) on your phone and go through a 14-day observation. Early termination of self-isolation is possible only on the basis of a negative result of the PCR study carried out for the purpose of termination of self-isolation after border crossing. And it is most convenient to take a test for coronavirus at the airport, where a special medical center has been opened.

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Testing point for Coronavirus in Odessa Airport

The test point at Odessa Airport operates from the world-famous network of CSD diagnostic laboratories. You can use the testing service quite conveniently and quickly. To do this, you only need to take a few steps:

  1. On the site you can fill out a special form where you can pay for the diagnostic service in advance.
  2. Experienced specialists will take the necessary samples from you for analysis in just a few minutes.
  3. Approximate time of the analysis: only about a day. That is, in 24 hours you will have the result of your test. Moreover, in case of a negative result, the laboratory specialists will add it to the application "Action at home", and you will be able to stop the observation in time.
  4. Please note that you need to enter your phone number very carefully when registering for the test; it must match the one on which the "Action at Home" application will be installed.

The cost of the service is currently UAH 1,800, approximately USD 65.

Quarantine restrictions in Ukraine

Keep in mind that quarantine restrictions in Ukraine also depend on which zone the locality where you plan to stay belongs. The rules and boundaries of the zones change every Monday, so make sure in advance to find out which of the four zones - green, yellow, orange or red. Learn about the restrictions in advance.

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The Odessa Journal

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