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EU-Ukraine Summit: official results of the Brussels meeting

09 Oct, 2020
EU-Ukraine Summit: official results of the Brussels meeting

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The 22nd summit between the European Union and Ukraine was the first bilateral summit held physically in Brussels since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was also the first bilateral EU-Ukraine Summit with the participation of President of the European Council Charles Michel and High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, who represented the European Commission. Ukraine was represented by President Volodymyr Zelensky. The President called the meeting in Brussels an additional evidence of the European Union's priority attention to cooperation with Ukraine. Below are the main results of the summit.

The main lines for the official press release of the summit
  • The media scandal surrounding relations with the European Union has given the impression in recent months that there is a deterioration in relations between Ukraine and the European Union. The summit in Brussels reaffirmed that none of the allegations made against the Ukrainian authorities in this context had any real meaning.
  • The European Union has fully confirmed that there is no intention to withdraw visa-free travel. Ukraine meets all the criteria for visa-free travel. Immediately after overcoming the coronavirus, visa-free travel will be restored in full for Ukrainian citizens.
  • The European Union went to a meeting on granting Ukraine the so-called industrial visa-free regime. This will be an important decision that is needed to increase the export of our high value-added goods to the EU market. It was agreed to launch an expert mission to determine Ukraine's readiness to sign this Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Goods.
  • It is agreed that the Open Aviation Area Agreement will enter into force in the near future. The text of this agreement was agreed 7 years ago, but its adoption was constantly postponed due to internal technical problems in the European Union, related to the issue of Gibraltar - Britain's overseas territory, which is in dispute with Spain. The deal is expected to take effect early next year.
  • The European Union has reaffirmed its commitment to support reforms in Ukraine, including through financial assistance. Of course, as any official creditor of the European Union sets certain conditions for the transfer of money. In particular, it is a question of the independence and institutional capacity of the National Bank. After the replacement of the head of the National Bank this summer, Ukraine is fully providing all the necessary conditions for the civilized work of the regulator. The National Bank is independent, professional and predictable, so there are no obstacles to receiving financial assistance from the EU.
  • The European Union has agreed to renew the Association Agreement. This was one of the main tasks of our foreign policy. Since 2014, the agreement has become less than the possibilities of our bilateral work with the EU. Therefore, the beginning of such a dialogue is the first important step that confirms the EU's confidence in Ukraine. Today, the European Union accounts for more than 40 percent of Ukrainian trade, and the potential for growth in this sector is huge. In 2021, a comprehensive review of the achievement of the objectives of the Association Agreement will be carried out. The European Union has also reaffirmed Ukraine's role as a strategic transit Country, which is very important in the context of the future of our gas transportation system and the energy security of the entire continent.
  • The EU has reaffirmed that it will never recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea and will maintain and renew sanctions and other methods of pressure on Russia.
  • The European Union supported Ukraine's approach after the change of government in 2019 to negotiations in the Normandy format and in the Tripartite Contact Group. The European Union has acknowledged that Ukraine's constructive approach to negotiations and ongoing efforts to propose solutions deprive Russia of arguments and narrows Russia's room for maneuver. This result of the summit should be especially carefully considered by domestic traitors who are looking for negativity in everything. The West supports the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities and considers them effective. The European Union has called on Russia to reciprocate in negotiations.
  • The European Union has reaffirmed its interest in helping Ukraine overcome the Covid-19 threat. To that end, the European Union will provide Ukraine with 190 million euros to fight the epidemic and help get the vaccine when it is proven and effective.

Today’s physical meeting is a potent symbol – it shows our steadfast commitment to deepening our relationship with Ukraine.

President Charles Michel after the EU-Ukraine Summit

Main photo: 112.international

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