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Main Culture — "Fates". An entirely new genre in modern ballet


"Fates". An entirely new genre in modern ballet

27 Nov, 2021
"Fates". An entirely new genre in modern ballet

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Ballet "Fates" - the author's project of the Odessa Opera House, an example of the experience of creating a play, which can safely be called "documentary ballet" - an entirely new genre in the field of modern ballet.

The idea of ​​creating the ballet "Fates" about human life in the modern world belongs to the general director of the Odessa Opera House, Nadezhda Babich. Two years ago, she thought about creating a performance to use music and choreography to convey the mood in which Ukraine lives today.

For me, as the leader of a large creative team, it was very important to find a modern form to show through theater the situation when our compatriots give their lives, defending the future of the country.

Nadezhda Babich

The proposal to stage a modern ballet prompted the Kyiv choreographer-director, soloist of the Kyiv Modern Ballet Theatre under the direction of Radu Poclitaru, winner of international competitions Serhiy Kon to create an original libretto. This is not his first work as a librettist. The choreographer found ideas for staging in real-life events. In the ballet "Fates" he used dance techniques of different styles and elements of pantomime.

The finished scenes were immediately taken into work by the orchestra under the direction of Vitaly Kovalchuk in order to record the music, and the artists had the opportunity to practice the choreographic drawing of the ballet. The Odessa Opera artists Tatyana Ivanova and Sergei Vasiliev made the stage design and decoration of the ballet, and the choirmaster Ivan Gazinsky prepared the choir for the performance. So, an exclusive author's creative project was born - the ballet "Fates".

The peculiarity of the plot line of the ballet is that the stories presented in it are based on actual events. These are stories from the lives of real people - our contemporaries, to whom Fate knocked on the door. The authors tried to understand the eternal question in the language of music, sculpture, and scenography, what is human destiny and can we change it?

The author of the music for the ballet is a talented Odessa composer Yulia Gomelska. She has created many symphonic, chamber and vocal works, recognised around the world.

"While creating music for ballet, I felt the original theme of the duality of the world, which is the interaction of two polarities - light and darkness, good and evil, happiness and sorrow, peace and war. The theme of human destinies - broken, spoiled, and trampled by terrible life situations, from the individual-intimate sphere has grown into a global, timeless, revealing a problem, of course, planetary scale, which today worries all intelligent humanity, no matter where in the world you live …", said Yulia Gomelska

We are responsible for every moment of life that fate gives us. No one knows what awaits them tomorrow, what kind of tests will need to be passed, what kind of price needs to be paid for happiness. We need to believe that each step we take brings us closer to peace, happiness and light.

We hope that the realization of the idea - a frank "story" in the language of plastics and choreography about the world of modern man will find a sincere response in the souls of the audience and will encourage deep reflection.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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