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Main Business — Heat-insulated floors produced in Odessa


Heat-insulated floors produced in Odessa

23 Sep, 2020
Heat-insulated floors produced in Odessa

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Electric underfloor heating systems are gaining popularity all over the world.

As soon as heating cable appeared, it was started to be used for floor heating. So there is no big surprise in the fact that electricity was started to be used for floors` heating in cold Norway already in far 1926. And in our days electric heat-insulated floors are used all over the world.

It is so because such systems are considered to be safe: they allow to heat the floor to the level of 33˚С, but not higher. There is no element in system, which can get higher temperature. So there is no chance for customer to suffer from burnt while contacting with heating element. Such type of floors` heating does not cause movement of air (convection).

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The base of heat-insulated floors ` construction is heating cable, which helps to modify electric energy into warmth of your house. That is why heat-insulated floors are produced by cable plants.

PJSC “Odessa cable plant “Odeskabel” is Ukrainian producer of outdoor anti-icing systems and cable systems for floor heating.  Being founded in 1949, the enterprise is an undisputed leader between wire and cable manufacturers in its country.  Range of plant`s products includes cables for heat-insulated floors, for soil heating, for anti-icing systems, for snow melting system and systems of pipes heating.

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The production of heat-insulated floors was started in 2001 and became one of main direction of production among communication cables, power cables, radiofrequency cables, fiber-optic cables and LAN-cables.

In 2005, using its own manufacturing facilities, “Odeskabel” plant had started the heat-insulated floors batch production. The produced cables were used within government program on implementation of thermal storage heating system in preschool and school institutions of Khmelnitsky region.

In 2011 new construction of heating cable was developed on the basis of the previous one.  Cable of this construction is being produced in present time too, under the trademark Woks. Odeskabel PJSC owns rights for this trademark.

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"Woks" is short for Warm Odeskabel System

In 2013 heating sections Woks won the contest “100 best products of Ukraine”.  These heating sections are manufactured with the help of modern equipment from Germany, Finland, Switzerland and Japan. Heating sections Woks meet the European standard IEC  60800 and they are designed for 20 years of unfailing service.

In 2016 “Odeskabel” plant released the lower cost solution for heat-insulated floors: heat-insulated mats and cable for heat-insulated floors under the trademark Gray Hot.

Products of both brands (Woks and Gray Hot) are affordable and easy-to-install.  This is a bright example of Ukrainian product which can compete with international manufacturers not only in Ukraine.

In August of the current year the exhibition AQUATHERM KYIV 2020 was held in Kyiv. 22 –nd International exhibition was dedicated to the development of power-efficient heating systems, ventilation, conditioning, industrial cold, water-supply, renewable energy, bathrooms equipment and swimming-pools.

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AQUATHERM KYIV 2020. Odeskabel PJSC participated in this business event
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This year our enterprise was represented by products of trademark Woks

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