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14 Jul, 2020

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2.5 hectares innovation park ITown with a residential area is going to be built in Odessa

The construction of the innovative technological park ITown has started up in Odessa. The total area of the facility will occupy 2.5 hectares. Investors are planning to invest $100 million in the construction of ITown. Their ambition is that ITown will become the main IT cluster in the city.

The initiator and developer of the project is Prostranstvo corporate group. The company is engaged in the development, engineering, design, and construction.

iTown is located between Prymorska and Sofiivska Streets in the central part of Odessa

The economy of Odessa was developing through logistics, first of all, maritime one. But nowadays, technologies become a growth driver all over the world. Today, in Odessa, four times fewer IT professionals live and work than in Lviv, where the appropriate conditions have already been formed. Our goal is to create such an environment in Odessa. Therefore, we are building ITown not just as a set of offices, coworking spaces, and apartment buildings. This place is destined to become an agent of the city and region development

Andrey Semenov, the project manager.

The park is planned to be fully completed in the 4th quarter of 2023. A 24-story building with offices (14 floors) and apartments (9 floors) will be put into operation first (tentatively in 2021-2022). There will be a restaurant on the top floor. The building is designed in such a way that the visitor of the office or restaurant will not be able to be on the residential floors.

How much will the apartments cost

According to the project representatives, the sale of the apartments has already started. Now the cost per square meter of living space is from $935.

The apartments will be rented out with complete refurbishment, kitchen furniture, and equipped bathroom.

Business part

Three extensible coworking spaces are planned in ITown.

According to Semenov, already at the design stage, ITown confirmed the opening of 3 representative offices of global tech brands and 6 Odessa-based tech companies. There are about 20 more companies in the process of negotiations.

What else

  • Residential buildings will be equipped with smart systems that will show a person where he needs to go before entering. Non-contact sensors will open the doors automatically and the elevator will ‘understand’ which floor to go to.
  • The biometric identification system will allow getting into the apartment even if the owner has lost his keys.
  • Given the global epidemic, everything in ITown is made to minimize the contact of hands with different surfaces in public areas.
  • Only rainwater will be used for irrigation and household needs. For this purpose, a rainwater harvesting, filtration and storage station will be installed.

Also, ITown is planning to equip a winter garden with sea views, a parking lot for 500 cars, a fitness center, a kindergarten, a cinema, IT schools, shops, etc.

Source: AIN by Maya Yarova

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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