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Main Diplomacy Just Local: Melon and Watermelon


Just Local: Melon and Watermelon

Just Local: Melon and Watermelon

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More and more organic farms appear in Ukraine, the range of products of which can now be easily found on the shelves of Odessa supermarkets. Now is the time for watermelons and melons: they are delicious, sweet and, in addition, contain a large amount of sugar (glucose and fructose). They can easily replace desserts.

We already wrote about organic chips made from watermelons and melons, which are produced in the Odessa region. "Danube Agrarian" is the first among Ukrainian organic producers to grow watermelons and melons with drip irrigation. Combined with the abundance of the sun, they are sweet, firm and tasty.

It is worth noting that this is one of the few companies in Ukraine specialising in the production of agricultural products without the use of chemicals.

Watermelons and melons are grown in the farm, which is located in a picturesque place, in the very South of Ukraine: the village of Safyany (Odessa region), a unique geographical location at 45 parallel.

For the cultivation of watermelons and melons, the farm uses organic Dutch seeds. To increase yields, hives are installed in the season, because bees increase yields by 5-15%.

In the same field they plant legumes, because in their roots there are nodules of live bacteria, capable of converting nitrogen from the air into a form that is assimilated by plants. Thus, there is a natural enrichment of the ground with nitrogen. Such "green fertilizers" are a natural alternative to mineral fertilizers, like nitrates.

All products of the "Danube Agrarian" are not processed in any way for long-term storage. After harvesting, the products are sent to refrigerators in compliance with the optimal temperature regime. And now they can be easily bought on the shelves of all Santim supermarkets.


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The oversized red striped berries are loved all over the world. From the end of summer, the whole autumn, you can enjoy the juicy pulp of the fruit, passing away the hot days. It is worth reminding that watermelon is approximately 90-95% water. Moreover, the high water content of watermelon is one of the reasons why consuming this product makes us feel full.

How to choose a watermelon?

A high-quality fruit should look fresh, whole, clean externally. An earthen spot also testifies to the ripeness of the watermelon - the place where the watermelon lay on the ground. Sunlight does not enter there, which means that chlorophyll (the pigment that colours plants in green) is not produced there. It should be bright yellow. The brighter the better.


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Melon is the embodiment of fertility. Even the word itself means "big, bloated". And the ancient Greek pepon translates as "cooked", and "cooked by the sun". The sun baked such a big, beautiful melon in its summer hearth.

How to choose a melon?

Bringing an uncut melon to your face and trying to catch the scent is the best way to make the right choice.

On a hot southern evening, cocktails are usually decorated with skewers, on which a piece of melon will certainly be worn. Shrimps fried on a summer cottage barbecue go to her as if she was born not in the Central Asian steppes, but on the seashore. A spicy bright chili also goes to her. Melon produces summer supplies - marmalades and jellies. It chills on a hot summer day, turning into a delicate ice cream. And, of course, summer salads cannot do without melons.

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Santim Advice

Cut the melon or watermelon, remove the grains and carefully cut into cubes with a side of one and a half centimeters. Too small pieces may lose the shape. If you have a special spoon with which you can cut perfect balls from soft fruits, then give up the cubes and make exactly the balls. These balls can be combined with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls of the same size, and you will get a wonderful beauty gastronomic structure from exceptionally round ingredients.

Also try a watermelon cocktail. Whisk the seedless watermelon, honey and lemon juice in a blender. Fill 3/4 tall glasses with crushed ice. Pour in the watermelon mixture. You can serve!

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Watermelon cocktail
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Melon Mozzarella Salad


For your convenience, below we offer addresses of the Santim shops to buy the most fresh melons and watermelons:

  • 2a Makarenko st.
  • 54 Troitskaya st
  • 3 Sabansky lane
  • 26 B. Arnautskaya st.
  • 84a Dobrovolskogo avenue
  • 16a Kamanina st.

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