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Main Diplomacy — More than 5,000 COVID-19 tests have been performed at St. Catherine's Clinic since the beginning of the year


More than 5,000 COVID-19 tests have been performed at St. Catherine's Clinic since the beginning of the year

25 Sep, 2020
More than 5,000 COVID-19 tests have been performed at St. Catherine's Clinic since the beginning of the year

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During the first months of the pandemic in Ukraine, PCR testing was done only to the patients with severe and strong symptoms of COVID-19. Now the situation has changed.

Today, the service has become available to everyone, including citizens of other states. The test results, today, are the basis for cancelling the 14-day self-isolation through the "Diy vdoma" application after a trip abroad.

And also, a certificate of testing is a prerequisite for seafarers and other specialists to go to work and hospitalization for inpatient treatment. Since the beginning of the year, more than 5,000 residents of the region have applied to the St. Catherine's Clinic to be tested for SARS-CoV-2 ().

Why is it better to get tested for COVID-19 at St. Catherine's Clinic?

Comfortable. You can hand over material for receiving analyses both in the Clinic and at home by calling a mobile team.

Officially. The St. Catherine's Clinic issues an official opinion on the standards of the Ministry of Health, including in English.

Fast. The test results are sent to the patient 48 hours after the delivery of the biomaterial.

No queues. The operator or administrator offers a convenient time for the analysis. The patient spends a minimum amount of time in the hospital.

Conveniently. The patient receives the research results by e-mail, mobile phone, or at a medical institution. Negative test results are automatically transferred to the Public Health Center of Ukraine to complete self-isolation.

How to prepare yourself for a PCR test

PCR analysis is sensitive at the earliest stages of infection, even when there are no signs of disease yet. For analysis, take a swab from the mouth or nasopharynx. No special preparation is required for PCR testing. You should not eat or drink for 2-4 hours before the test, and it is also important to exclude the use of alcohol and fatty foods a day before the study.

What types of research on COVID-19 are carried out at the Clinic?

Express test - performed after taking a blood sample. Carrying out time - 10-15 minutes. The procedure detects the presence of antibodies to COVID-19. The patient receives the result immediately at the time of the analysis in the laboratory.

PCR diagnostics (polymerase chain reaction) - a biomaterial is taken (a smear from the throat). Carrying out time - 5 minutes. Analysis processing in the laboratory takes 3-4 working days.

IFA testing (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a laboratory test with which it is possible to determine the immune response to the virus (have you been ill with COVID-19). There are two types of testing for the amount of IgM and IgG antibodies.

Immunoglobulins M indicate an active immune response, that is, that a person is sick with a coronavirus. Immunoglobulins G indicate that a person has already been ill, and he has developed immunity to the virus. Testing involves the collection of venous blood. The error is no more than 1%. The result can be seen in 3-4 days. To obtain an accurate result: testing for the amount of IgM antibodies is recommended to be carried out from the 5th day after the onset of the disease, testing for the amount of IgG antibodies from 10-14 days.

For testing for COVID-19, express diagnostics, etc. foreigners and their families need to contact the Clinic which is located at st. Shevchenko 12/1, or to the Hospital of the Clinic of St. Catherine, which is located on M. Malinovsky street, 61G. It is also advisable to make an appointment with the specialists in advance by calling the information center +38 (048) 705 1033.

Important! You receive the research results in any way convenient for you - by e-mail, messengers, or in person.

Useful information

Clinic Info Center: +38 (048) 728 7000, +38 (048) 705 1033, +38 (050) 728 7000, +38 (093) 728 7000, +38 (097) 728 7000
Ambulance: +38 (048) 728 0000, +38 (048) 705 3333, 3-103
Medical insurance: +38 (048) 728 1800, +38 (048) 705 5800


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