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"OKO": Online Programme

08 Sep, 2021
"OKO": Online Programme

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The "OKO" Festival will be held online on September 11-18 on the film festival's website www.okofilmfest.com.ua, and on September 16-18- offline in Bolgrad

OKO is a film festival that takes place in the beautiful Ukrainian region of Bessarabia. It unites filmmakers and film buffs; it is a feast of ethnographic and anthropological documentary (although not exclusively) cinema, where you can see and feel the daily heartbeat of small and large nations and communities, dwellers of villages and cities. It is also a platform where filmmakers, folklorists, and ethnographers can get to know each other better, share ideas, and develop future mutual projects.

In the meantime, you can not miss the new, rare, lively cinema that appears on short hours of online broadcasts, the programs of the contestants of the past years, collected by the most experienced selectors. Here is the programme.

11 September

Traveling Europe

Djuedjevdan Is Yet To Come
Director: Predrag Todorović
Country: Serbia

The Depth Beneath, The Height Above
Director: Andrea Bordoli
Country: Switzerland

Il Ponte Rotto
Director: Niccolò Masini
Country: Italy

A Remedy for Envy
Director: Nektaria Kapsala, Marion Reichstaler
Country: Greece

Atlas of Memory
Director: Dorino Minigutti
Country: Italy

Outside the Oranges are Blooming
Director: Nevena Desivojević
Country: Serbia (about Portugal)

Silêncio - Voices of Lisbon
Director: Judit Kalmár, Céline Coste Carlisle
Country: Portugal

My Gypsy Road
Director: Vilma Kartalska
Country: Болгарія /Bulgaria

12 September

Exploring Middle East

Director: Mehdi Imani Shahmiri
Country: Iran

Guli Armugʻon:Women’s Local Islamic Ritual in Uzbekistan
Director: Iqbol Meliqo'ziev
Country: Uzbekistan

Director: Emil Nørgaard Munk
Country: Denmark (about Palestine)

Dakhla: Cinema and Oblivion
Director: Arturo Dueñas
Country: Spain (about Algeria)

Bedu Beddna Naiesh
Director: Tekla Taidelli
Country: Italy (about Egypt

Coming Home

The last Austrians
Director: Lukas Pitscheider
Countries: Austria, Ukraine

A Sunday in Strasbourg
Director: Lana Berndl
Country: Ukraine)

13 Septemer

Towards Africa

Arho – The Afar Salt Trade of Northeastern Ethiopia
Director: Till J F Trojer
Country: Germany (about Ethiopia)

Emails to My Little Sister
Director: Solomon Mekonen
Country: Ethiopia

Suñu Ekool
Director: Aron Marty, Maria Bänziger
Country: Senegal

Vodou's Mirror
Director: Sebastien de Monbrison
Country: France (about Togo)

Director: Sidylamine Bagayoko
Country: Mali

Barcelona - A Welcoming City
Director: Christin Schuchardt
Country: Germany (about Spain)

From Trash To Treasure: Turning Negatives into Positives in Lesotho
Director: Iara Lee
Country: USA (about Lesotho)

Coming Home

Weaving Way
Director: Lesia Voroniuk
Country: Ukraine

Ancestral Code
Director: Volodymyr Lutskyi
Country: Ukraine, Belarus

14 September

Retrospective: Africa in Focus

Meduse Afro Hair and Other Myths
Director: Johanna Makabi, Adèle Albrespy
Country: Senegal

Talking Dreams
Director: Bruno Rocchi
Country: Italy

Miss Curvy
Director: Ghada Eldemellawy
Country: UK

Gushegu Exile
Director: Emil Nørgaard Munk
Country: Denmark and Ghana

Rajaa, that means hope
Director: Marielle Duclos
Country: France

15 September

Asia Calling

To Be A Marma
Director: Edward Owles
Country: UK (about Bangladesh)

Director: Robert Lemelson
Country: USA (about Bali)

The Golden Wing on Taiwan
Director: Gary Seaman
Country: USA (about Taiwan)

Burning Cars
Director: Maud Mascré
Country: New Caledonia

Small Family, Happy Family
Director: Zoe Hamilton, Annie Munger
Country: India

Missing Girls
Director: Vadim Vitovtsev
Country: India

Barcelona - A Welcoming City
Director: Christin Schuchardt
Country: Germany (about Spain)

Another Paradise
Director: Olivier Magis
Country: Belgium (about Chagos Archipelago)

Coming Home

Seagull flight
Director: Yevhen Zhitnikov
Country: Ukraine

16 September

We are living in Americas

Gagulhchugh Nen Gagusun (The Land Looks Good All Around)
Director: Jeremy Williams
Country: Canada

Walking With Plants
Director: Trevor Dixon Bennett, Leigh Joseph
Country: Canada

The Last Bonesetter
Director: Adam Booher
Country: Peru

Amongst the Plants
Director: Mark Lindenberg
Country: Netherlands (about Peru)

Twakana Yagan
Director: Rodrigo Tenuta, Ignacio Leonidas
Country: Argentina

The Village Resists
Director: David Bert Joris Dhert
Country: Belgium (about Brazil)

Yo'eme Labyrinth
Director: Sergi Pedro Ros
Country: Mexico

17 September

There's no place like home

Director: Les Kasyanov, Yurii Kaparulin
Country: Ukraine

Breaking Culture
Director: Yegor Kadomtsev
Country: Ukraine

Discover the New Sea
Directors: Olesya Novosad
Country: Ukraine

Territory of Empty Windows
Director: Zoya Laktionova
Country: Ukraine

Dirty waters of the Danube
Director: Vsevolod Ananiev
Country: Ukraine

Stone graves
Director: Victoria Popova
Country: Ukraine

18 September

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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