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Main War — Oleksiy Danilov: 12 steps of deoccupation of Crimea


Oleksiy Danilov: 12 steps of deoccupation of Crimea

02 Apr, 2023
Oleksiy Danilov: 12 steps of deoccupation of Crimea

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Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, proposed an approximate plan for the de-occupation of Crimea. He wrote about it on his Facebook.

According to Danilov, his de-occupation plan contains specific steps and looks like this:

  • In addition to criminal prosecution for collaborationism and treason, a lustration mechanism of personal assessment is being developed, which, in particular, determines the level of responsibility and the degree of involvement of specific people, citizens of Ukraine, and residents of Crimea in supporting the occupying Russian administrations. This includes, in particular, restrictions on the right to participate in elections;
  • In relation to civil servants, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and other categories of people who, as of 2014, were on the staff of Ukrainian authorities, in particular, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and after February 2014 worked in Russian occupation structures, Ukrainian courts will determine, whether they are subject to criminal liability. If they are not eligible, they will be deprived of state pensions and will be prohibited from further employment in state bodies and local self-government bodies in Ukraine;
  • Russia or another formation that will claim legal succession ensures the unconditional and full extradition of all persons suspected of treason and other criminal offenses, both citizens of Ukraine and citizens of Russia, involved in war crimes (international crimes that do not have a statute of limitations - genocide, military and against humanity), committed on the territory of our state in general and Crimea in particular.
  • Propagandists - journalists, media workers, and various experts who contributed to the occupation, the militarization of child education, and inciting enmity against Ukraine by Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, and other nationalities - are a group of special attention, whose crimes will be investigated by Ukrainian and, if necessary, international law enforcement structures. They will be deprived of freedom, titles, pensions, property, honor, and respect legally by a court verdict.
  • Citizens of the Russian Federation, who illegally came to live on the Crimean Peninsula after February 2014, must immediately leave the territory of Ukraine within the time limit set by law.
  • Deeds committed not according to Ukrainian legislation after February 2014, including real estate, are recognized as null and void - a law that has been in effect for 9 years. Ownership of property remains with citizens of Ukraine. If it is appropriated or nationalized, the property is returned to the owners by the occupiers.
  • The transport crossing in the city of Kerch of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is being dismantled to ensure full freedom of navigation as part of the compensation program.
  • The complex program "Detoxification" is being implemented - neutralizing the consequences of the long-term effect of Russian propaganda on the public consciousness of a part of the peninsula's population. In particular, using the experience of applying effective methods of the denazification of Germany in the 40s, including the participation of identified groups actively supporting the Russian occupation in public works for the reconstruction of destroyed Ukrainian cities, processes of exhumation and reburial of victims of Russian aggression (for persons found guilty of such crimes by a court ). Providing the widest possible access to information about the crimes of the Putin regime.
  • Creation of a documentary base of facts of Russian crimes against Ukrainian citizens who resisted the occupation. Restoring the rights of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar activists.
  • Immediate release of all citizens of Ukraine, Crimean Tatars, and Ukrainians who have been persecuted by the Russian Federation on politically motivated grounds since 2014 with compensation for moral damages.
  • Danilov suggests renaming Sevastopol to "Object No. 6". The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will later decide on the city's new name. Perhaps he will be called Akhtiar;
  • The issue of the project and the location of the monument "Russian warship …" in Crimea will be brought up for public discussion. In order to save state funds, the pedestal of the monument to sunken ships in Sevastopol can be used.

According to Danilov, a detailed and legally verified program is being developed by the NSDC Apparatus of Ukraine with the involvement of a wide range of specialists and experts, which will be reflected in the new version of the Strategy for the Deoccupation of Crimea.

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