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Main War Operational information on 02.04.2022


Operational information on 02.04.2022

Operational information on 02.04.2022

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The thirty-eights day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion ends.

The russian enemy continues to carry out systematic missile and air strikes on military and civilian targets, but the intensity of missile strikes and high-precision weapons strikes has declined.

Additional russian enemy units are being prepared to take part in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. It is planned to create "volunteer" battalions of residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and mercenaries.

In the Volyn direction, no significant changes in the condition and position of the occupying forces and their allies were noted.

In the Polissya direction. The russian occupiers continue to withdraw units to the territory of the republic of belarus. During the withdrawal of troops, the enemy mines the routes of advance and individual settlements.

In the Siverskyi region, the russian enemy completed the withdrawal of units from the territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. The main routes of the enemy columns run in the direction of the settlements of the Gomel and Mogilev regions. In addition to trucks, the columns included elements of a pontoon-bridge fleet, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and Iskander launchers. The enemy's military equipment is concentrated at railway stations and facilities that have railway tracks, which allows it to be loaded and sent to the territory of the russian federation.

Units from the 2nd All-Military Army of the Central Military District, which were operating in the direction of the city of Brovary, are being withdrawn to the russian federation (via the Sumy oblast). The withdrawal of troops is provided by the battalion-tactical group of the 1st Tank Army of the Western Military District.

In Slobozhanshchyna, the russian enemy continues to partially block the city of Kharkiv and shells residential and industrial areas of the city with artillery systems of various types. It should be noted that the intensity of the shelling has decreased. Units of the russian occupying forces are regrouping, probably to continue active operations in the Izyum direction. The enemy is trying to conduct reconnaissance, including the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the Donetsk direction, the russian enemy continued to fire on some units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to conduct assault operations in some areas. The main efforts of the russian occupiers continued to focus on capturing the settlements of Rubizhne, Popasna, preparing for the attack on Siverodonetsk, gaining complete control over Mariupol, as well as access to Vuhledar and Marinka. They failed.

Ukraine's defense forces continue to defend our land, gradually liberating the occupied territories, and inflicting significant losses on the enemy.

Together to victory! We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Keep calm!
Glory to Ukraine!

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