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Main War — Operational information on 09.11.2022


Operational information on 09.11.2022

09 Nov, 2022
Operational information on 09.11.2022

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The two hundred and fifty-ninth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian nation to the large-scale Russian invasion continues.

During the current day, the enemy launched 8 missile and 10 air strikes, and carried out more than 4 attacks from rocket salvo systems.

The enemy hit areas of more than 15 settlements of the Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, and Sumy regions.

In Volyn and Polissya directions, the situation remains without significant changes. The Republic of Belarus continues to support the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, accepts and hosts Russian servicemen, and provides training grounds. The formation of a joint Russian-Belarusian grouping of troops is underway. The threat of enemy strikes and the use of attack UAVs from the territory and airspace of the Republic of Belarus remains.

The enemy shelled in other directions:

  • in the Siversk direction - from barrel and jet artillery, in the areas of settlements of Novomykolaivka and Ulanov, Sumy region. The enemy also used an attack UAV;
  • in the Slobozhansk direction - from mortars, rocket and barrel artillery, in the areas of Hryhorivka and Kolodyazne settlements. Attack UAV is used;
  • in the Kupyansk and Lymansk directions - from the artillery of various types, in the areas of the settlements of Kupyansk and Bilogorivka;
  • in the Bakhmut direction - from tanks and the entire range of artillery, in the areas of the settlements of Bilogorivka, Opytne, New York and Pivdenne;
  • in the Avdiyiv direction - from tanks, mortars, barrels and rocket artillery in the areas of the settlements of Vugledar, Kamianka, Vesele, and Novobakhmutivka;
  • in the Novopavlovsk and Zaporizhzhya directions - from tanks and various caliber artillery in the areas of Vremivka and Kamianske settlements;
  • Areas of more than 25 settlements near the contact line in the South Bug direction were shelled.

In addition, the enemy continued to conduct aerial reconnaissance, actively using UAVs. Made more than 50 sorties.

The moral and psychological condition of mobilized Russian citizens undergoing training in the Kursk and Bryansk regions is significantly deteriorating due to the difference between the picture of Russian propaganda and the actual situation, inhumane conditions of stay, and lack of promised payments.

Russian units undergoing training in the area of ​​the city of Baranovichi, Brest region, were issued obsolete weapons and property - metal helmets of the Second World War model and means of protection from the period of the 60-70 years of the last century. In addition, a large part of small arms, namely AK-74 assault rifles, are in non-working condition due to poor storage conditions.

According to detailed information, the Russian occupiers are taking away looted property and stolen cars from Severodonetsk, Luhansk region. Looting is under cover and accompanied by representatives of the occupation's so-called state security agencies.

During the current day, the aviation of the Defense Forces of Ukraine struck the enemy 4 times. 2 areas of concentration of personnel, weapons, and military equipment, as well as 2 positions of the enemy's anti-aircraft defense equipment, were damaged.

Also, our soldiers shot down 5 "Shakhed" and 2 "Orlany" UAVs in different directions.

During the current day, units of missile forces and artillery of the Defense Forces struck 6 areas of concentration of manpower, weapons and military equipment, 2 electronic warfare stations, and other important enemy military objects.

Glory to Ukraine!

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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