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REVA Foundation

11 Dec, 2020
REVA Foundation

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It is an intellectual & cultural platform dedicated to support of the unique Odessa sub-culture, art and cultural heritage for current and future generations.

REVA Foundation is a non profit organisation founded by a well-known urban designer & sculptor Mikhail Reva.

Create - generate - revive are the basic concepts that characterize the principles and values ​​of the REVA Foundation. To create an environment for the younger generation to absorb important basic cultural messages, preservation and development of cultural heritage, expanding the space for interaction between people and art are the main goals of the Foundation.

The objective is support the young talented artists through implementation of urban, cultural and educational projects to be financed by REVA Foundation.


“The Garden of Temptations” is the next sculptural composition following the fountain The Origin of Inception and The Gate of Passions in the Greek Park, Odessa.

Philosophy behind the concept of this art object: “The Garden of Temptations” introduces anthropomorphic elegant tree trunks with golden apples on them. Allegorical and mythological symbolism enables each part of the garden to gain an intelligible meaning. According to the Greek myth, the goddess Hera received from Gaea the apples of eternal youth. She decided to place them in the garden and made the Hesperides sisters to safeguard them. The apples empowered everyone who touched them to get the immortality and the eternal youth. Hesperides have always been depicted as beautiful nymphs able to turn into apples.


Philosophy behind the concept of this art object: the art object represents a large portal, i.e. the main entrance penetrated by the sunrays. It overlooks the park, a part of which can be visible. When looking through this entrance from afar the leaves of trees seem to form the mesmerizing ornament. When approaching closer the leaves turn out to be three-dimensional shapes of people forming a mobile matter lead by human passions: gluttony, lechery, greed, sandess, wrath, sloth, vanity, and pride. Ancient Greek philosophers explained that passion arises by means of joining of natural spiritual attraction with the misconceptions of mind. Passion is a longing for the pleasant. A man seems to be looking for pleasure in his mundane existence among the passing and all worldly. Passions tend to come from perverse and excessive love of yourself. Unlike love, passion doesn’t know the feeling of rest, doesn’t know wisdom, that way passion is destined to cease and exhaust itself. No fire can burn forever.

The founder of REVA Foundation interprets passion as "naked feelings or live wires under high voltage".

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