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"Tanz+Blau+Gelb Gala"

20 May, 2022
"Tanz+Blau+Gelb Gala"

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"Tanz+Blau+Gelb Gala" presents and highlights the sophisticated art of dancers who had to leave their places of residence due to the current war against Ukraine. The gala aims to become a unique meeting point for Ukrainian artists who are coming from different corners of Europe to reunite for an evening and celebrate their artistry despite the severe difficulties.

The gala "Tanz+Blau+Gelb" expresses solidarity with Ukraine and places humanism at the center. The gala provides the possibility for refugee dance artists to be on stage, stay connected to their art form, and share their art with audiences.

The event will take place on 21st May at Theater Gütersloh.

The programme of the gala:

A variety of dance styles are presented, including choreographies of 2 world-renowned creators Andreas Heise https://andreas-heise.com/ and Jiří Bubeníček https://jiribubenicek.com/ . The evening provides a special life experience with live music played by 3 outstanding musicians: Arne-Christian Pelz - Chelo, Dana Anka - violin, and Alina Pronina – piano.

1) "Dying Swan" choreographed by Olexandra Chetveryk Music: Camille Saint-Saëns's Le Cygne from Le Carnaval des animaux
2) "Miss Julie" choreographed by Andreas Heise ( Irina Khandazhevskay & Anatolii Khandazhevskayi ) The work is danced to Franz Schubert's Piano Trio No. 2 in E-Flat Major and inspired by August Strindberg's theatre play Miss Julie.
3) "Du bist die Ruh" Choreography Andreas Heise ( Olexandra Chetveryk ) Music: "Du bist die Ruh'" , D. 776; Op. 59, No. 3 is a Lied composed by Franz Schubert
4) "Interlude" a new creation for this special occasion by choreographer Jiří Bubeníček (Daryna Bulakovska, Irina Khandazhevskay, Olga Posternak) - Music by New York based contemporary musician, Karen LeFrak. https://www.karenlefrak.com/

The participating dance artists are:
· Olexandra Chetveryk https://www.instagram.com/chtvrk.s/
· Daryna Bulakovska http://darynadance.com/index.php/gallery/
· Olga Posternak https://www.instagram.com/olga.parshina.79/
· Irina Khandazhevskay https://www.instagram.com/irinakhandazhevskaya/
· Anatolii Khandazhevskayi https://www.instagram.com/anatoliikhandazhevskii/

The organizer of the gala is István Simon Funder and CEO of Praetorian Art and Health Consulting. https://praetorianprojects.com/#about-us
Cooperation partner Theater Gütersloh, supported by Theater in Gütersloh E.V., Tanzraum Wedding, Theater Dortmund, Theater Chemnitz, Semper Mobilis Ballettschule Dresden, Ivan Liška

The project Help-Dance/Tanz+Blau+Gelb served as the bases for this ballet gala by providing help and support to the artists involved. The project is a cooperation between Praetorian Non-Profit Art and Health Consulting in cooperation with Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DTD) and Bundesdeutsche Ballett und Tanztheaterdirektoren Konferenz (BBTK). Today the initiative has more than 15 partner institutions in Germany and has helped more than 60 individuals.

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