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The House-Museum of Leonid Utyosov

09 Jan, 2021
The House-Museum of Leonid Utyosov

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Odessa loves its children. Of course, Odessa could not forget about her famous son Leonid Utyosov. And in 2015, in the apartment where the Weissbein spouses lived and the great singer spent his childhood and youth, they opened the House-Museum of Leonid Utyosov.

Leonid Utyosov and Odessa

Leonid Osipovich Utyosov (his real name was Lazar Iosifovich Weissbein) was born in Odessa, March 10, 1895. He studied in Odessa, at a chat commercial school, but did not graduate because of his bad behaviour. His first ambition was playing the guitar in a string orchestra. Then, on the stage of the theater he won a competition of couplets. In the 1920s, he moved to Moscow, then to St. Petersburg. Subsequently, the actor and singer returned to Moscow, where he lived until his death in 1982.

But, at the same time, he always remembered that he was from Odessa. The best songs about Odessa were recorded by Leonid Utyosov. She lived in his heart, in his notes and memories.

Odessa Municipal Museum-apartment of Leonid Utesov

The apartment is located in the house at number 7 on the street, which now also bears the name of an outstanding artist, and then it was Treugolnyi (Triangular) Lane. The Utyosov Museum-Apartment recreated the atmosphere of the childhood of the famous Odessa citizen. Based on books, essays and eyewitness memories, the atmosphere of one of the rooms of the apartment of the singer's parents, the Weissbein family, has been recreated.

The exposition is also represented by photographs of the family of the famous Odessa citizen. Residents of Odessa made their contribution to the filling of the exposition, providing photographs, documents, rare decor items from the Utyosov era.

Thus, this is not just a museum of Utyosov. It is a museum of Odessa during the times of Utyosov, his childhood and youth, which passed in a difficult period of revolutions and wars, but opened the world to outstanding artists from Odessa.

You can find here a traditional buffet with elephants, pier glass with candlesticks. In the center, under a large lampshade, there is a table with Viennese chairs, on the left on the dresser a sewing machine "Singer", above it hangs a violin, the enchanting sounds of which he heard in childhood and helped him to become an artist in his youth.

The museum is actively developing presenting new expositions. Interestingly, the opening of exhibitions is often accompanied by theatrical performances from Odessa life. For example, one of the exhibitions opened for a Jewish wedding, with all the accompanying attributes: the bride and groom and the festive table.

Since the opening on the city day, September 2, 2015, hundreds of the singer's fans have passed by the bronze young Utesov. The address is unchanged: Utyosova street, 7. At the same time, the museum remains municipal, and therefore, its visit is free. It has already been paid for by the budget of the municipality as a sign of respect. It is worth arranging a visit to the museum in advance by contacting the administration of the museum through the form on the website.

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