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The first Superhumans Center clinic has started work in Ukraine

15 Apr, 2023
The first Superhumans Center clinic has started work in Ukraine

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Photo: Superhumans Center

On Friday, the Superhumans Center clinic opened near Lviv.

"In August 2022, we entered the premises of the first building of our all-Ukrainian clinic for the first time. In October, repair work began here, and in April, after a record 5 months, we opened the doors of the first building of the Superhumans Center," the message reads.

Superhumans Center, Lviv

"Superhumans is not just a clinic, not just a network of clinics, it's a philosophy and it's right. The country's recovery begins with the recovery of each person, military or civilian. Child or adult. And when we see the creation of such a center, we see the creation of a place of strength" , – said the ambassador of the center at the opening, first lady Olena Zelenska.

Olena Zelenska

"For me, this is a personal duty, my way of thanking those we will defeat. Military and civilian people who paid for the freedom of our country with their own health will receive from Superhumans the most advanced technology, the best medical expertise from around the world, an individual route - everything necessary to return to an active life," says Andriy Stavnitser, co-founder of Superhumans.

Superhumans Center

"We are honored to be a part of this extraordinary effort to provide world-class aid to Ukrainians who have been terribly injured during this war - they are true 'superhumans'. Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine is a war against the civilian population. Many men, women and children will lose life or limb, even long after the war is over, because of the vast number of landmines across much of Ukraine. This center is a step toward giving Ukrainians a chance to rebuild their lives and their country," said Howard G. Buffett, chairman, and chief executive director of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

Howard G. Buffett

Superhumans Center is a complex medical facility where patients will be prosthetics and rehabilitated, primarily those who were injured as a result of Russian aggression.

On April 14, the first stage of this center was opened - a prosthetic workshop and part of the rehabilitation center. According to Volodymyr Holovatskyi, the deputy of the medical center, more than sixty medical specialists will work in the center. About 3,000 patients are planned to be admitted there every year.

Superhumans Center

Investments in the launch of the Superhumans Rehabilitation Medical Center in Lviv are estimated at $54 million, Superhumans CEO Olha Rudneva reported earlier.

Olha Rudneva

The first stage of the project includes:

  • The repair of premises.
  • The purchase of equipment.
  • A year of payment for the work of the medical team.
  • The purchase of materials for prosthetics.

The second and third stages involve the launch of all hospital buildings, the start of the educational center based on Superhumans and expansion to other regions of Ukraine, particularly in Kharkiv.

The project has already been supported by the Howard Buffett Foundation, the Richard Branson Foundation, Virgin Unite, Cargill, Payoneer, Freedom Finance, Loro Piana, Mastercard, SD Capital and others.

Superhumans Center

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between Superhumans and the Ministry of Health. Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko noted that the common goal is to provide Ukrainians who suffered war injuries with the best international expertise.

Viktor Lyashko

Ottobock, a German manufacturer of technologies for the production of various types of prostheses, orthoses and exoskeletons, is working on launching a laboratory to produce prostheses with the Superhumans project. Ossur, a leading manufacturer of bionic and other prostheses from Iceland, also advises the team on starting their own production of prostheses.

The project was created by the initiative of Ukrainian businessman Andriy Stavnitser. Another of its founders is Pylyp Hrushko.

Superhumans Center

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The Odessa Journal

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