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Main War — The Security Service of Ukraine has seized Rosneft's assets and neutralized enemy agents


The Security Service of Ukraine has seized Rosneft's assets and neutralized enemy agents

28 May, 2022
The Security Service of Ukraine has seized Rosneft's assets and neutralized enemy agents

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New selection of SSU implementations:

Thus, the Ukrainian special services blocked the activities of the Russian-controlled energy company located in Ukraine.

It was established that the company was part of the structure of the Kremlin's industrial and financial group Rosneft and was engaged in electricity supply.

At the same time, the proceeds were transferred to the territory of Russia to finance hostilities against Ukrainian troops.

According to the SSU, the monetary assets of the Russian commercial structure in the amount of over UAH 20 million have been seized.

In addition, the Security Service of Ukraine sent proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers on the nationalization of the property of the blocked enterprise. In cooperation with the state, regulator suspended the license to supply electricity to our state.

Appropriate response measures will not affect the stability of the energy sector and end-users of public utilities in Ukraine.

In the Kharkiv region:

The center of the enemy agency, which operated under the guise of a pro-Russian "Cossack" organization, was liquidated. It was established that its participants publicly supported the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation and justified the crimes of the occupiers.

One of the organizers of the group was detained during the special operation. The traitor provided the invaders with intelligence on the deployment and relocation of units of the Armed Forces and information on the consequences of enemy shelling in the region.

In the Chernihiv region:

A network of military shelters set up by the occupiers during their retreat from the region was discovered.

Thus, almost 300 hidden Russian ammunition were seized in one of the settlements of the Minsk Territorial Community. Among them are rockets for Hail volley fire systems, grenade launcher shots, artillery detonators, and tanks' dynamic protection.

A cache of ammunition for self-propelled artillery was found on the territory of the children's sanatorium.

In the forest strip near one of the villages of Chernihiv district, 20 boxes with charges for hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers were found.

The location of the shelter with weapons and ammunition of the participants of the enemy sabotage groups was also established. The cache was equipped in the garage of a car cooperative in one of the region's cities.

During the search of the cache, removed:

  • two infantry jet flamethrowers,
  • 12 F-1 grenades and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition for firearms.

All detected means of destruction were transferred to the units of the Armed Forces.

In the Luhansk region:

The Starobilsk district employment center director was exposed in cooperation with the enemy. While in office, he encouraged his subordinates to help and support the aggressors.

During the temporary occupation of the city, the attacker joined the invaders' ranks. He was later appointed head of the so-called "Republican Employment Center of the Lugansk People's Republic in Starobilsky District."

The collaborator has now been notified of the suspicion. Measures are being taken to detain him and bring him to justice.

In the Kirovograd region:

SSU officers detained another traitor. He turned out to be a local resident who cooperated with the aggressor during his stay in the temporarily occupied territory of the Bucha district of the Kyiv region.

The attacker provided the enemy with information about the positions of the Armed Forces and the location of Ukrainian checkpoints. For this, the occupiers allowed him to loot people's homes and shops.

During the detention, law enforcement officers found an RGD-5 grenade from the attacker, which he received from the invaders.

In Transcarpathia:

According to the SSU, an agent of the Russian special services was sentenced to 15 years in prison for handing over intelligence to the enemy about the location of Ukrainian troops in Kharkiv. The occupiers used the information to carry out artillery shelling in the city.

Law enforcement officers detained the malefactor in Uzhgorod, where he arrived on the instructions of his Russian curator to gather information about critical infrastructure.

Currently, the SBU continues to take measures to expose and neutralize threats to Ukraine's state security.

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The Odessa Journal

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