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The Special Children's Center

05 Oct, 2020
The Special Children's Center

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The first training center for educators dedicated to children with special educational needs has opened in Odessa region

Deputy Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Anastasiia Bondar took part in the opening of the first training center in Ukraine for teachers working with children with special educational needs.

This unique training platform will create decent conditions for each specialist to realize their professional potential in working with children with sensory impairments on professional correctional equipment.

Today, a significant event took place in the Odessa region - the first and truly unique institution in Ukraine for specialists of inclusive resource centers was opened. This is a modern space where teachers will gain knowledge that will help them work with children with special needs. Children will receive education in combination with correctional and rehabilitation support. I hope that the specialists of the newly created center will become a team that will provide assistance to children, parents and institutions in organizing training

said Anastasiia Bondar

Among the activities of the center:

  • introduction of the newest diagnostic technologies in work of teachers;
  • providing correctional assistance and social adaptation to children;
  • school of responsible parenting, namely the support of children with an inclusive approach in families;
  • inclusive leisure, namely the inclusion of children in out-of-school educational institutions.

The center purchased equipment for correctional work with children, which will facilitate the adaptation and integration of children into society, namely: Braille printers with the ability to print color embossed and tactile graphics and Braille typewriters. In addition, modern training complexes and interactive whiteboards for educational work were purchased.

In total, inclusive education for almost 2,000 children has been organized in almost 500 educational institutions this year.

The training center will become a base for the activities of specialists of inclusive resource centers, specialists in correctional and psychological orientation from all over Ukraine.

Note that the training center to support inclusive education is located in Odessa on the street Yasinovsky, 3a

Regional State Administration

Regional State Administration

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