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Main Diplomacy — The Ukrainian jungles: Volyzhin forest


The Ukrainian jungles: Volyzhin forest

03 Sep, 2021
The Ukrainian jungles: Volyzhin forest

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The location is actually a branch of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. Volyzhin forest is located in the northeastern part of the Kinburn spit. The natural area is under state protection and is accessible to tourists.

The vast territory is literally dotted with centuries-old oaks, alder, conifers. Lush vegetation is present at every point. It is especially surprising that from a bird's eye view simply fantastic landscapes, a splendid view of green spaces, the Black Sea, and the coast open up.

This is one of the most interesting natural areas in our country. Once here, many note the emergence of a special mysterious feeling. Basically, it is provided by the presence of impenetrable thickets, beautiful reservoirs, three-hundred-year-old oaks. It should be noted that the trunks of some trees are not always able to grasp even 4 people. Due to the presence of a warm climate, all kinds of shrubs grow here quite quickly, of which there are about 50 species, including relict ones.

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Separately, it is necessary to dwell on local herbs, from the aroma of which the head is literally dizzy. The area in the good sense of the word is "braided" by climbing plants. That is why, without special training and outside help, it is sometimes impossible to get to some objects.

However, with a certain perseverance, it will be possible to get into a real fairy tale. The mystery of the Volyzhin forest is also confirmed by the ancient historian Herodotus, according to whom the "green miracle" was located on the territory of ancient Gilea, a settlement that existed in the region of the 5th millennium BC. One of their legends says that A.V. Suvorov himself once rested under the largest oak tree.

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A large number of all kinds of birds, including warlock species, rush here. The small peninsula has become a real shelter for them, a full-fledged home. You will not be able to find some copies in any other country in the world. Rare birds stay here for the winter and nest with great pleasure .. Feathered inhabitants will delight every guest with their singing and noble flight. Among the most interesting species of birds, it is necessary to note the white-tailed eagle, the mute swan, and pink pelicans. The forest kingdom adorns inland waters.

Among the vegetation, it is impossible not to mention alder, oak - birch and sedge outcrops. In the lowlands there are sandy ridges and virgin steppes. The alder forest is rich in sticky alder. The edges are often abundant with common oaks, leafy elms, aspen and hawthorn. A hike to the undergrowth will impress you with the presence of black elderberry, a laxative ghoster. The grass cover is rich in dioecious nettles, hemp broom and sow thistle. In addition, in the Volyzhin forest you can find blueberry, common yarrow, awnless stokolos and other plants.

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Volyzhin forest is famous for its extraordinary birch groves, aspen and alder zones, a community of the most amazing plants. The place attracts the attention of true connoisseurs of nature and quiet rest. There is also marsh vegetation, where over 240 species of birds live. Given the popularity of the Kinburn Peninsula, a huge area of ​​about 2,741 hectares, Volyzhin Forest is becoming a favourite vacation spot for numerous tourists, including as part of organized groups. It is included in almost all excursion programmes of the Nikolaev region.

A good choice for a holiday in the spring and summer. Some people come here with pleasure to take a walk in the fresh snow. The forest is very quickly overgrown with ferns and marsh plants. Many trees are densely shrouded in hops and grapes. Locals call these locations "Ukrainian jungle" Therefore, all those who are planning an independent trip here are advised to use the services of a guide. Tourists with children also prefer to visit the sea, salt lakes, local beaches.

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How to get there?

The landmark is the Kinburn Spit. The easiest way to get to it from Nikolaev or Ochakov is by boat. It is necessary to move in the direction of the Rymba settlement, the estuary. If you choose bus routes or a car, you will need to head to Pokrovka. This will not allow walking to the estuary, but on the way to the sea you can visit several salt lakes. In general, depending on the method chosen, the journey can take from 30 to 90 minutes.

Volyzhin forest will conquer with the beauty of untouched nature and rich history. According to one of the versions, it is here that the same “oak near the curvature” from the poem by Alexander Pushkin “Ruslan and Lyudmila” is located. Despite the fact that the location is not so global in size, it is really interesting here. There is also a legend that a mermaid demon with a snake tail once lived in ancient Gilea. Anyone can enter the territory. However, it should be noted that you will first need to obtain a special permit to visit the reserve, which is issued in the city of Golaya Pristan.

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