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Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano

24 May, 2022
Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano

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On 4-5 July 2022, Switzerland jointly with Ukraine will host the international Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC 2022) in Lugano

Initially, it had been planned as the 5th Ukraine Reform Conference – an annual high-level political event - in continuation of four previous editions of the conference held in the UK, Canada, Denmark and Lithuania that allowed to highlight Ukraine’s reforms progress and discuss the next reform priorities. Against the backdrop of the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine since February 24, 2022, Ukraine and Switzerland have jointly decided to proceed with the organization of the conference, but refocus the priorities on a topic that is more relevant to Ukraine in the current situation.

The conference in Lugano has been renamed the Ukraine Recovery Conference that goes beyond reforms to concentrate on recovery. Lugano will be a unique opportunity for Ukraine to share its Recovery Plan and engage with the international partners to develop the best possible response to the enormous challenges lying ahead.

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Ukraine and Switzerland initiate in Lugano a broad-based political process for the recovery of Ukraine. URC 2022 is the international kick-off for the recovery process in Ukraine.

Recovery is a massive task and poses challenges of a magnitude that cannot be precisely measured at this point. However, the scale of response and resources needed can already be anticipated. To help the country get back to its feet and seize the opportunity to transform it, we need to pursue close coordination and be prepared to fully devote ourselves to implementation when the time will come.

The following topics will be discussed in Lugano:

  • The Recovery and Development Plan of Ukraine (within United 24 initiative of President Zelenskyy) and different contributions of international partners for the recovery of Ukraine.
  • The methods, priorities and principles of recovery.
  • Social, economic, environmental and infrastructure recovery from damages and losses caused by the war.
  • Reforms that are possible or necessary to implement in the current situation.

The conference stresses the necessity of an inclusive approach and application of the principle of shared responsibility during the recovery phase to ensure its success. The URC 2022 welcomes representatives from governments, international organizations, academia, think tanks, civil society and the private sector.

Switzerland and Ukraine call on to:

  • Mobilize funds through pledging to implement Ukraine’s Recovery and Development Plan, which is crucial for survival, compensating massive damages and losses, rebuilding, avoiding a large-scale socio-economic crisis in Ukraine in the short term and supporting economic development in the long term.
  • Ensure high-level political participation to discuss Ukraine's recovery and strengthen our partnerships for the victory of democracy that Ukraine is defending now.
  • Apply a decentralized approach to support recovery of cities and regions of Ukraine by partner countries and corporations.

Ukraine and Switzerland expect that the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano will become a political platform that enables international partnerships for recovery and development.

Shared responsibility and mutual accountability throughout the recovery process, and the reforms accompanying it, will be just as important as earmarking the resources to enable recovery. Once done well, it will transform the country and modernize its economy. Ukrainian achievements and successful reforms before the war were crucial for Ukraine’s current resilience. Similarly, future reforms are instrumental for a successful recovery and Ukraine’s European aspirations.

The URC 2022 will be complementary to initiatives in support of Ukraine that are already launched or announced and will bring together friends of Ukraine standing with it at its darkest times.

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