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Main War — Ukrainian Foundation "Come Back Alive" - ​​in the top of Patreon. Advise your friends to support them


Ukrainian Foundation "Come Back Alive" - ​​in the top of Patreon. Advise your friends to support them

07 Mar, 2022
Ukrainian Foundation "Come Back Alive" - ​​in the top of Patreon. Advise your friends to support them

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The majority of Ukrainians (57.5%) are ready to resist in one way or another in the event of a military invasion, according to a recent KIIS survey. Among them, more than a third (37.3%) are ready to put up armed resistance, and a quarter of Ukrainians are ready to resist by participating in civil resistance actions. What else can be done in anticipation of a military threat?

"Back and Alive" Foundation next to the Ukrainian military. Vitaliy Deinega founded it in 2014. The forefront of the Russian-Ukrainian war is not just the front, and it is where the war for Ukraine is going on. In hospitals, warehouses, landfills, in the media, in offices. They supply and repair equipment, train the military and officers, help change the Armed Forces, talk about the war firsthand, and curb the flow of propaganda and disinformation. For the eight year in a row, the fund provides the Ukrainian army with the most important thing - a tactical advantage.

We were with the defenders of Ukraine in the hottest corners of the front. We are with them when they come for rotation or training. We are close when they return to a peaceful life.

"Back and Alive"

Every month, the fund supports about 5,000 people worth more than $ 100,000, holding a leading position in the Ukrainian segment of Patreon. In parallel, the fund collects donations for the needs of the Ukrainian army on the site.

Photo: Come Back Alive

The foundation is now a team of more than 30 people and $ 9 million in funds raised into equipment, technical intelligence and training programs. This is more than a thousand devices of thermal imaging optics, more than 300 unmanned aerial vehicles of various modifications. In addition, these are their own technical products invented by the fund's employees and are already working effectively at the front.

"Back and Alive" organizes training and instructors for the Ukrainian army. Among the instructors who attended the "Back and Alive" School were engineers, snipers, drone instructors, close-range correction and firing instructors, and managers responsible for purchasing and delivering equipment. In addition to supplying the Ukrainian military with machinery and equipment, "Back and Alive" is also being developed by the analytics department.

Due to the new risks of escalation of Russia's war, the fund focuses on operational tasks. Still, at the same time, "Back and Alive" is responsible for rehabilitating Ukrainian veterans through sports. For example, the foundation sponsors competitions with veterans Invictus Games and Warrior Games.

Photo: Come Back Alive

"The level of financial support that the fund has received over the past few weeks," says Taras Chmut, director of "Back and Alive" - is another indication that Ukraine and Ukrainians are ready to fight Russia in all possible forms and manifestations. Currently, the fund has hundreds of applications from the military, which we are quickly processing to strengthen the army and gain time for the state where it does not have time."

You can support the "Come Back Alive" Foundation on the official website and Patreon. You can make a transfer with details from 50 to 3000 hryvnia on the site. At Patreon, you can choose from four subscription levels: Patron ($ 4 per month), Shell ($ 19 per month), Bomb ($ 49 per month), and Rocket Bomb ($ 99 per month).

Andriy Rymaruk urges to subscribe to "Back and Alive" social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

"It is very important for us, and these pages have all the necessary details where people can transfer funds to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, " said the head of the military department of the fund. He adds that the fund will continue to inform about its work on social networks promptly.

"Back and Alive" Team

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