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Main Culture — Unique playground in Odessa


Unique playground in Odessa

23 Nov, 2020
Unique playground in Odessa

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On the eve of the elections, but without the help of officials and deputies, a new children's space was opened in Shevchenko Park. The author of the project was Ekaterina Adyseva from Odessa. She spied on the idea of ​​a playground while traveling abroad with her children.

It was not an easy task to create a children's space in your hometown. Especially if you don't want to ask the authorities for help. Therefore, Katya turned to ordinary citizens of Odessa. In the first days, the project was supported by many townspeople. They shared their vision of the creative space and provided assistance.

It took 3 years and 530 thousand UAH to make the dream come true. Usually, instead of the natural materials, the City Council office uses bright plastic, iron and rubber. You will not find non-ecological materials in the new children's space in Shevchenko Park.

I already have three children. At that moment, when the idea appeared, there were two of them. I have visited the sites in Ukraine and in other countries. And I saw that it could be different.

Ekaterina Adyseva
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Natural wood, pleasant colours and swing unique for Odessa have already managed to please not only children, but also their parents.

Through the game the child learns to live and understand how the world works: to be independent, to achieve his own, take risks, fall, win and communicate. In our city, children meet monotonous typical playgrounds that use synthetic materials, three basic colours, primitive “childish” forms and a standard set of play elements. It would seem that it's okay? But in fact, from the first years of life, a typical playground places a person in a narrow framework, does not give an opportunity to fantasise, look for thousands of ways to play and move in a non-stereotypical way “downhill”.

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Grand Opening

Despite the fact that the site is already ready and very popular, fundraising for its maintenance and repairs continues. The girl is very glad to any participation, because the project is very large-scale and requires a lot of time and effort. In addition, such an initiative is not a one-off: there are not enough creative sites throughout the city and Ekaterina intends to help create unique spaces in different districts of Odessa. Therefore, the help of city residents is especially important.

I still continue to collect money. Because money will be needed for maintenance and repair of the site. I care how she looks in a year. We also need funds for constant watering and maintenance of the green area.

Ekaterina Adyseva
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Ekaterina Adyseva

To support the roject, please follow the link or here is the card number: 4441114448507135 (Monobank)

Photo: Oleksii Kulyk

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