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Main Culture — Where Frisco (TX) meets Odessa (UA)


Where Frisco (TX) meets Odessa (UA)

06 Aug, 2020
Where Frisco (TX) meets Odessa (UA)

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Mural Art Park is an outdoor mural art gallery designed by an Odessa's studio

USA has a longstanding tradition of creating murals that enliven and define our neighbourhoods. Recognising the enormous contribution that murals have made to our cultural vibrancy, the world has to dedicate resources that aid the preservation and continued growth of our mural collection. That's why USA Infrastructure Investments decided to create an outdoor mural art gallery, located in the city of Frisco in Тexas, USA. And when they turned to Ukrainian studio Brandon Archibald based in Odessa the architecture & branding dept. were involved.

Brandon Archibald is a branding, architecture and interior design agency. They help thier clients to develop concept, name, logo, corporate identity, interior and exterior design. They specialize exclusively in projects that combine branding and architecture. In this case, it is at this intersection when the most exciting thing is born – magic, spark, and the clap of one hand.

Brandon Archibald in numbers:

  • 13 years of studio
  • geography of projects from 33 cities in 19 countries
  • 20 people in a team
  • More than 30 awards at festivals, including Red Dot, EFFIE, ADC Europe
  • 22 medals on Behance, among which three are Best of Behance gallery
  • publications in more than ten design blogs, including Yatzer, Contemporist, Abduzeedo, IDN, Design Milk, Trend Hunter, IdentityDesigned, MindSparkle Mag, Grits & Grids.


Mural Art Park

Brandon Archibald designers were inspired by the variety of murals around the world. The canvas for such an art can be of any size and proportion. From a long wall to a tallest building. This idea became a foundation for the logo and branding as a whole. The logo symbolises a flexible “canvas” of the Mural Art Park that can be transformed to host any mural idea.

A gallery inside the park and a park inside the gallery. 

Brandon Archibald

The visitor starts his route inside the park from the main entrance, through the green garden tunnel, following the Rabbit. Unlike Alice in Wonderland’s Rabbit, the one that dwells in the MAP is bright pink. This accent colour is used for navigation throughout the park journey.

The tunnel brings the visitor to the main area, where the bar/café with open-air seatings, gift shop and event scene are located. These are the functional touch-points of the park. They are essential for prepping visitors to the gallery area.

One of the factors that affected the planning solution was a drain system to collect water from the neighbourhood, including several residential blocks around the park. It is located several meters under the ground coat of the green area, so no buildings or structures could be placed above it.

Project Team Creative Directors – Boris Alexandrov & Anna Alexandrova
Project Manager – Daria Svidchenko

Case Art Director – Pose Radu
Project Art Director – Anton Storozhev
Copywriter – Dimitry Panasiuk
Graphic Designers – Aleksandra Gerasymenko & Alexander Osipenko
Illustrator – Alexander Osipenko

Architects – Anna Alexandrova, Sergey Makuhovskiy, Elena Guryeva
3D Visualization – Sergey Makuhovskiy & Alexander Gusarev

All the murals and paintings that were used is only for showing the brand concept and not for commercial use.

On November 10 2019, Barcelona hosted the awards ceremony for the annual ADC*Europe Awards .

Brandon Archibald was in a shortlist of the festival with the branding for the Mural Art Park (Frisco, Texas, USA). First, the team received a bronze medal for their work in the Ukrainian selection ADC*UA, and then got into the shortlist of the international festival.

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