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Main War — "You're not admitted anymore". Collection of the international companies which said "farewell" to Russia


"You're not admitted anymore". Collection of the international companies which said "farewell" to Russia

02 Mar, 2022
"You're not admitted anymore". Collection of the international companies which said "farewell" to Russia

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The Kievan Sasha Varenitsa, while in the bomb shelter at night, made a list of companies that will stop working with Russia due to the actions of Kremlin. This is just the beginning, the information is updated almost every minute.

  • Apple Pay - blocked
  • Apple - a complete exit from the market. As they say, the last iPhone is the one you own
  • Adidas - refusal to work with the national football team
  • Audi - out of the market
  • AMD - ban on the supply of microchips and soon a ban on the supply of video cards
  • Amazon - block of all retail will be for dessert
  • Adobe - blocked
  • British Petroleum - 20% of shares left Rosneft
  • BBC - revocation of broadcasting licenses
  • BMW - closes factories, blocks supplies
  • Bolt - 5 million euros in aid to Ukraine, you - a bolt
  • Boeing - inside the country soon, too, only victory on low-cost airlines
  • Chevrolet - out of the market
  • Cannes Festival - bloc rf delegation
  • Cadillac - out of the market
  • Carlsberg - export restriction
  • Cex Io - crypto platform bans ".ru" users
  • Cinema 4D - app not working
  • Coca Cola - exit from the market
  • Danone exits the market together with a subsidiary of "Prostokvashino", which your children drink while our children sleep in basements
  • Disney - cancel all movies
  • Dell - exit from the market
  • Dropbox - will stop working in the country in a few days
  • DHL - ask for advice on how to deliver packages by hand and on foot, we are now doing this with food and medicine throughout the city
  • Eurovision - disqualification
  • Ericsson - exit from the market
  • Exxon Mobil recalls all specialists from Russian oil companies
  • Etsy - block of all balances on ru accounts
  • Facebook - ban Russian media accounts
  • FedEx - complete ban on deliveries
  • Formula 1 - the cancellation of the tournament in Sochi
  • Ford - closes all stores
  • FIFA - disqualification of the national team at the World Cup and a ban on holding any international matches in Russia
  • Google Pay - partial block
  • Google - $15 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine
  • Google Maps - a block of strategically important information for Russians
  • General Motors - stops exports
  • HP - no more laptops will be delivered
  • Harley Davidson - stop deliveries.
  • Instagram - blocking propaganda
  • Intel - microchip supply ban
  • Jaguar - out of the market
  • Jooble - removed the service and made a statement. However, why look for a job now. It will soon remain only with the riot police
  • KUNA - mine crypto ".ru" for users without a chance
  • Lenovo - exit from the market
  • LinkedIn - preparing for a exit from the country
  • MOK - the cancellation of all competitions
  • Mastercard - suspension of card production, the shutdown of several banks
  • Maersk - stop deliveries to / from Russia - goodbye gear with Ali express and ASOS
  • Mercedes - out of the country
  • Megogo - delete all Russian movies
  • Metro - 10k employees - exit
  • Mitsubishi - employees of 141 service centers - on the way out
  • Microsoft Office - a wide range of measures are being discussed
  • Mobile World Congress - Russian delegation not to be accredited
  • NFT - a block of funds for users of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, transferring their money to Ukraine
  • NHL - block for players from Russia
  • Netflix - block for Russian subscriptions, stopping the production of Russian TV series
  • Nike - close all stores
  • Nintendo - a ban on purchases in rubles
  • Nestle closes all 6 factories in Russia
  • OnlyFans - closing in the country, girls - to the panel
  • Paysera - blocking
  • PayPal - freezing accounts for withdrawal
  • Paramount - film distribution block
  • Parimatch - franchise withdrawn
  • Play Station - unable to complete payment
  • Pornhub - ban on access to content.
  • Porsche - exit from Russia
  • Renault - exit from the market
  • Samsung pay - service blocking
  • Snapchat - out of the app in the Russian Federation and fornication, $ 15 million in aid to Ukraine
  • Scania - exit from the Russian Federation
  • SpaceX - delivery of Starlink to Ukraine
  • Shell - termination of the contract with Gazprom
  • Spotify - unable to pay for a subscription
  • Sony - film distribution block
  • Twitter - it is impossible to register accounts for citizens of the Russian Federation
  • TikTok - massive ban of aggressive fuckers and so-called media
  • Toyota - 2600 employees, go to AvtoVAZ
  • UEFA - the cancellation of the Champions League final in St. Petersburg, a ban on all clubs from participating in the Champions League and the Champions League, $ 1 million in assistance to Ukraine, breaking the contract with the general sponsor Gazprom
  • UPS - complete ban on deliveries
  • Universal pictures - film distribution block
  • Viber - $9 million in assistance to Ukraine from CEO Rakuten
  • Visa - stop servicing cards of sanctioned banks
  • Volvo - out of the Russian Federation
  • Yandex - exclusion of company shares from quotations on the NY stock exchange
  • YouTube - blocking hundreds of channels and their monetization
  • Warner Bros cancels all film distribution
  • Webmoney - prohibition of transactions
  • Wolkswagen - go out of the country
  • Zoom - revocation of licenses for software development

Let's add here the complete blocking of air traffic with Europe, Canada and the United States and the almost complete blockade of ports. Cessation of issuing visas to citizens of the Russian Federation in a hundred countries. Disabling SWIFT for seven banks. Confiscation of all property of the oligarchs in France, Monaco, and Great Britain. Confiscation of all Russian property in Warsaw and throughout Ukraine. Cancellation of concerts of all world stars. And much more.

To be continued....

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