Roman Svitan: is it possible for the Russian army to attack Mykolaiv and Odessa?

The only opportunity for the Russians to go to Mykolaiv and Odessa will be only with the signing of some kind of peace agreement and in the event of a rest.

Roman Svitan, a reserve colonel, who was in captivity in 2014, and a former adviser to the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, spoke about this in an interview with the host Natalya Moseychuk for TSN.ua.

If we sign some peace treaties now, give them a break, then in a few months, perhaps in the spring, they will be able to reorganise and strike again – to complete the task that they first set.

Roman Svitan

According to him, in this summer campaign, the Russians have neither the strength nor the opportunity not only to attack Odessa, but even to keep Kherson and the entire south.

War is mathematics. Based on the facts related to the amount of equipment, personnel, and logistics of overturning the military kit, the Russian troops have no opportunity not only to go to Mykolaiv and Odessa, but even to keep the south of Ukraine.

Roman Svitan

Recall that on the night of July 27, explosions were heard again. They were so loud, and the flashes were bright – that at first it seemed that the crossing was completely destroyed. But at noon, the invaders distributed a video: the bridge survived. However, now it will not be possible to bring ammunition and military equipment.

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