Russia is trying to attract other countries to minimize the devastating effects of economic sanctions

Under international economic sanctions, Russia’s economy is already deteriorating significantly. Industries dependent on foreign-made technologies and components are particularly affected.

With close ties to economic and other alliances, Russia is trying to engage third countries to avoid sanctions.

According to Ukraine’s military intelligence, Moscow plans to organize in the CSTO countries the production of components for Russian military and dual-use products, especially those that require the use of foreign components. In addition, it will increase the economic dependence of the CSTO member states on Russia, which is also in the interests of the Kremlin.

Moscow is also in talks with Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan to re-export Russian products to international markets. It is planned to supply Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani products and export them to third countries. More than 200 companies have already been established in these countries.

Armenia creates favorable conditions for Russian companies, especially in the IT sphere. Since the beginning of Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine, about 85,000 Russian citizens and 113 IT companies have arrived in Armenia. Russian citizens have set up about 1,000 private enterprises and more than 250 LLCs in Armenia, which will pay taxes to the budgets of both Armenia and Russia.

Pashinyan and Putin

Leading Russian manufacturer of air defense equipment – JSC “Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant” involves Kazakhstan to obtain components of German production (before the invasion, Russia purchased German products needed for the production / modernization of Buk missile system and anti-aircraft guns and missiles “Tunguska”). and the supply of these products in the face of increasing sanctions has become impossible).

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