Russia may launch pinpoint missile strikes on Ukraine

Now there are 11 enemy ships in the Black Sea, of which three are Kalibr carriers.

The Russian occupiers continue to keep pressure on the population of Ukraine, and pinpoint missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine are not ruled out.

As the head of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, Natalya Humenyuk, said on the air of the information telethon, the enemy began to terrorize with small air attacks and prerequisites for them, which is psychological exhaustion and pressure on the population.

“Now, there are 11 ships in the Black Sea, but the number of launch vehicles has remained unchanged – there are still three of them and 20 Kalibr-type missiles are on the alert. This suggests that they continue to keep pressure on the population, and pinpoint missile strikes are absolutely not ruled out,” she said.

Humenyuk also noted that due to the weather, the enemy would most likely not be able to use drones. “But one should not relax, because it happens that the gust of wind subsides at night, and it is at night that they are now using the Shahed drones,” she added.

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