Russian invaders go to war, signing an agreement to kill civilians

The new captured invaders no longer tell SSU investigators who came to Ukraine for training. These fairy tales were in the beginning, and now the occupiers understand in advance that they will be ordered to kill civilian Ukrainians.

A captured Russian sniper told the SSU about this.

Ukrainian defenders captured him during hostilities in the Volnovakha district of the Donetsk region.

I am a sniper. And I would like to tell my story. We received an order to write an agreement that we were going to kill civilians in Ukraine on April 29th. And all the people from our company signed. I wrote a report on the 29th. Some wrote a refusal. But the political officer said “write the report again.” And he said that if you refuse to go, you will either be sent to a guardhouse or simply fired.

prisoner of war

He chose to kill Ukrainians so that he would not be imprisoned in Russia… But he will probably be detained in Ukraine.

After all, the war is over for him; he was detained and testified by the SSU. He exposes not only himself but also the crimes of other compatriots.

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