Russian occupiers want to “give” land in the Crimea and Moscow region

The Russian Defense Ministry proposes to issue land plots in occupied Crimea and near Moscow to the military and employees of other structures that participated in the battles against Ukraine.

The Krym.Realii writes about this. The draft decree has been published on the legal information portal of Russia.

The document recommends that the executive authorities of the Moscow Region and the Russian authorities of the annexed Sevastopol and Crimea “adopt legislative acts establishing the right of citizens to receive land plots in their ownership free of charge.”

As conceived by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the right to plots should be granted to holders of state awards and distinctions for merits shown during the war and to combat veterans.

All participants in hostilities in Ukraine are subject to the law “On Veterans” and related benefits: tax, transport, land, housing measures of social support, as well as benefits for paying for housing, including rented, and utility bills. Starting this year, Russian universities will begin accepting children of combatants under a special quota without entrance exams.

The occupying “authority” of Crimea and the local authorities of the Moscow region are recommended to adopt “legislative acts establishing the right of citizens to receive land plots for free.”

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