Russians deliberately destroy the medical system in the temporarily occupied territories

In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the Russian military is deliberately destroying the medical system. About 80 health care facilities have already been completely destroyed and are not subject to restoration.

Currently, the occupiers are not only closing and destroying hospitals, but also blocking public access to essential medicines and medical services.

“For more than three months, the Russian military has been trying step by step to destroy our healthcare system. The situation in the occupied territories is really difficult, given that the occupiers do not allow to deliver vital medicines there. Similarly, they do not provide medicines within their responsibilities under the Geneva Convention. Therefore, in the temporarily occupied territories, unfortunately, doctors are very limited in the services they can provide to the population,” said Deputy Minister of Health Oleksiy Yaremenko.

According to him, despite constant threats and extremely difficult working conditions, Ukrainian doctors continue to provide medical care to the population in the occupied territories.

Since the first day of the war, Ukraine has been financing medical facilities, including in the occupied territories, under the new system. It stipulates that each health care facility receives 1/12 of the annual funding each month.

At present, the funds in the occupied territories are transferred to those hospitals with which proper communication has been established.

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