Russians stepped up repression in the occupied territories

Russian occupiers arrange checks in the houses of local residents.

Pinpoint strikes by Ukrainian defenders on the places of concentration of the Russian military and command make the occupiers go crazy with paranoia. Because of this, the Russians have strengthened the repressive machine in the occupied lands.

According to the Center for National Resistance, the Russians hope that if they deport or detain as many of the local population in the occupied territories as possible, then the strikes will stop.

“So, in the Kakhovka district (Kherson region), the invaders raided the locals’ houses to check the equipment for comunication with relatives in Ukraine. At the same time, the Russians blocked the village of Titarovka (Luhansk region) for exit and entry and detained dozens of locals on suspicion of working for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Note that the village is located near the village of Polovinkino, where the occupiers also repressed the local population,” the Center stressed.

It is noted that the Russians do not understand that almost every local resident in the occupied territories regards the invaders as an enemy. This, together with the reconnoitered, acquired in other ways, and modern defeat techniques “doomed the occupiers to death.”

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