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Main Diplomacy Salt Award 2021: Finalists


Salt Award 2021: Finalists

Salt Award 2021: Finalists

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146 establishments, 17 nominations - it was difficult for a picky jury to choose the best of the best! Today we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the finalists of the SALT Restaurant Awards 2021, and the award ceremony will take place on November 28.

National Restaurant Awards Salt® – the most important annual event for industry for  professionals and restaurant guests, who are attentively tracking Ukrainian restaurant business.

The mission of the award stays the same through the years. It is Ukrainian restaurant industry development, a commitment of the best representatives and formation of high-quality guidelines which line others up.

For 9 years the team of the Salt Award seeks for the Ukrainian restaurant industry. On 28th of November 2021 there will be IX rewarding ceremony! 18 winners receive the quality sign which is copper pan by French brand De Byer.

This year, 146 establishments competed for the victory in 17 nominations. Unfortunately, the SALT Award 2021 was held without the Best Fish Restaurant nomination - it was suspended. This decision was made by the judges.

This year's jury included brand chef Oleksiy Povtoreyko, co-owner and brand chef Vitaly Guralevich, president of the Association of Chefs of Ukraine Igor Bragin, artisan baker Igor Lavreshin, brand chef Marco Cervetti and restaurateur Dmitry Podoprigora.

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Igor Bragin
The president of Ukraine Chef Association, the author and expert of the television project Ukrainian fashion food, a member of the Federation of Chefs of Italy, an honorary member of the Association of Chefs of Kazakhstan

Full list with all finalists in 17 nominations for the national SALT Restaurant Awards 2021:

Best coffee shop:

  • ONE LOVE espresso bar St. Nicholas Cathedral, Kyiv;
  • Yellow Place, Kyiv;
  • Atelier. Design & Coffee, Odessa;
  • Takava Coffee-Buffet, Kyiv (SEC RiverMall);
  • WHITE Coffeebar, Dnipro;
  • Foundation Coffee Roasters, Odessa;
  • Svit Kavi, Lviv;
  • Idealist Coffee, Kyiv;
  • Fresh Black, Kyiv;
  • GodShot coffee, Kherson;
  • Bimbo Kava 2, Kyiv.

Best meat restaurant

  • Sam'S Steak House, Kyiv;
  • Bull. Butcher and Wine, Zaporozhye;
  • Argentina Grill, Kharkov;
  • Sazha Wine and Meet, Sumy;
  • Forest, Cherkasy;
  • Steak House, Kyiv;
  • Mr&Ms Meat restaurant for predators, Vinnytsia;
  • Beef & Cake, Khmelnitsky.

The best restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine

  • Barvy, Kyiv;
  • Restaurant Bachevsky, Lviv;
  • 100 years ahead, Kyiv;
  • Sho, Kyiv;
  • Khutorets on the Dnieper, Kyiv;
  • Glek, Kiev;
  • U Reastaurant about u, Odessa;
  • Kanapa, Kyiv;
  • Gribova Hata, Bukovel.

The best restaurant of national cuisine

  • Shoti, Kiev;
  • Nonna Letizia, Odessa;
  • Fratelli, Odessa;
  • Musafir, Kyiv;
  • Bigoli, Kyiv;
  • I want pilaf, Dnipro;
  • Chichiko, Kyiv;
  • Puri Chveni, Kharkov;
  • Bisou Bisou bistrot, Kharkov;
  • Citronelle, Kyiv.

Best confectionery

  • Honey, Kyiv (Yaroslavov Val, 20);
  • Yablonska Patisserie, Odessa;
  • The Cake, Kyiv;
  • Make My Cake, Odessa;
  • Delikacia, Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • SHOco, Lviv ;
  • Milk Bar, Kyiv;
  • Tsukernya Pototskykh, Khmelnytsky;
  • Morkvyan Mar'yan, Rivne.

Best restaurant with a wine list

  • Wine Love, Kyiv;
  • Lucky Restaurant Vinoteque, Kyiv;
  • Veranda on the Dnieper, Kyiv;
  • Vino e Cucina, Kyiv;
  • Vinoteka Praha, Lviv;
  • KINOSHNIKI, Kharkiv;
  • YUG, Odessa.

Best beer restaurant

  • Kumpel on Mytnaya, Lviv;
  • Tref Cefe Beer Hub, Odessa;
  • Brugge, Kyiv;
  • Art critic's sneakers, Dnipro;
  • This is pivbar, Kyiv (st.Liskovskaya 9a / 22);
  • Beerteka, Odessa;
  • Kant, Rovno.

Opening of the year

  • Eastman, Kyiv;
  • Rare Bird, Kyiv;
  • Fenix, Kyiv;
  • Yoki, Lviv;
  • Yourz Space Bistro, Odessa;
  • Chaika, Kyiv;
  • Mad, Lviv;
  • Virgin Izakaya, Kyiv;
  • Residence Reastaurant, Cherkasy.

Best bar

  • LoggerHead Bar, Kyiv;
  • Fitz, Odessa;
  • Parovoz Speak Easy, Kyiv;
  • Hendrick's bar, Kyiv;
  • Beatnik Bar, Kyiv;
  • Old Pal Bar, Dnipro;
  • Boffo Gallery Bar, Odessa;
  • Sino Experimental, Lviv;
  • 12 monkeys, Odessa;
  • Who & Why.Drinkery, Kyiv;
  • Flacon Bar, Odessa.

Best City Cafe

  • ZhZL, Kyiv;
  • Lou Lou, Odessa;
  • Good Girl, Kyiv;
  • Forty Five, Odessa (Ekaterinenskaya, 1);
  • Dizyngoff, Odessa;
  • Pair of Janov and Port wine, Lviv;
  • Khlebny, Kyiv (Passage);
  • 1708 Pizza di Napoli, Lviv.

Best hotel restaurant

  • Park kitchen restaurant (Hilton), Kyiv;
  • Garmat (Citadel Inn Hotel), Lviv;
  • Mon Chef (Astoria Hotel), Lviv;
  • Le Grand Cafe Bristol (Bristol Hotel), Odessa;
  • KAMA (Riviera House), Kyiv;
  • Grand Terrace (Good Zone), Dnipro;
  • Leo Restaurant (Leopolis), Lviv;
  • Panorama (Edem Resort), p. Arrows, Lviv region;
  • Brik.space, (Brik Hotel), Odessa;
  • The Terrace (Kharkiv Palace), Kharkiv;
  • RiverSide (RiverSide), Chernihiv;
  • SunRay (SunRay), Dnipro.

Best Country Restaurant

  • Terrace by the lake (Edem Resort Medical & SPA), p. Arrows, Lviv region .;
  • Zafferano, p. Cherries, Zoloche, Kyiv region;
  • Toscana Grill, S. Bucha, Kyiv region;
  • Fabius, Kyiv;
  • RiverWood, p. Moshny, Cherkasy region;
  • Kommuna kitchen, S. Bobrytsa, Kyiv region;
  • Hotel and restaurant complex ZASTAVA (ZPORTRAIT), highway Kyiv - Odessa, Cherkasy region;
  • Monica Bellucci, Zaporozhye.

Best beer bar

  • Craft & Kumpel, Lviv (Market Square, 18);
  • Var Var, Kyiv;
  • DAF PUB craft beer & whiskey, Kharkiv;
  • Punkraft, Kyiv;
  • Three Legs, Dnipro;
  • Cooper Head. Beer Workshop, Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • Choven, Lviv.

Best bakery cafe

  • Breadway, Odessa;
  • Volkonsky, Kyiv;
  • Paul, Kyiv;
  • Bread Cult, Lviv;
  • Live Bread, Lviv.

Best Asian Restaurant

  • BAO, Kyiv;
  • Nam Modern Vietnamese Cuisine, Kyiv;
  • Thai hello, Kyiv;
  • Fujiwara Yoshi, Kyiv (Mikhail Dragomirov St., 11);
  • Co Co Japanese, Kyiv;
  • Iron Saucepan Cook Rice, Dnieper;
  • Suke, Odessa.

Best Wine Bar

Jury selection

  • Fish & Pussycat Sushi Bar, Kyiv;
  • Italian edition, Kyiv;
  • Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza, Kyiv;
  • Jord, Kharkov;
  • Zavertailo, Kyiv;
  • Publicist, Kyiv;
  • SAMNA, Kyiv;
  • Nikas, Kharkov.
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